14 Oct 2018

I’ve been chatting a couple on this site for a while now. During these chats we discussed things we’ve never tried before. A major one for both of us being outdoor sex.

Knowing Emmarentia quite well, I suggested we meet at the dam. It was 20:34, their car pulled up next to mine in an empty car lot. Out jumped the Mrs, and walked straight to my passenger seat. My heart was racing. She looked better than in any pic that was sent to me.

We spoke for about two minutes before she started rubbing my crotch and getting me hard. I suggested we move out of the car and give ourselves more room. “Sure, you lead the way,” she said.

We jumped out the car, where the hubby was waiting with a blanket. Knowing the dam well, I knew where there was a break in the fencing. We snuck through, it was pitch black. We held each other’s hands, walking through the trees till we found the perfect spot. The Mrs pulled me onto the blanket where we slowly undressed each other. The Mr watched as was his request, not that he could see much in that darkness.

I started going down on her. I tried to pull away a few times but she just kept pulling my head deeper into her shaven pussy. She wrapped her legs tightly around me and came multiple times. When she was satisfied, she pushed me away and turned around.

She was flat against the blanket and asked if I want to fuck her from behind. Finally. I’ve been craving her, my cock was so hard and ready. I rubbed it against her asshole for a bit before slipping it in her pussy. It felt so great inside of her. Her breathing got heavier and her pussy tightened up as she came again...

I felt a hand caress my ass from behind, it looked like the hubby couldn’t stand by idly any longer. He massaged my dripping wet balls while I fucked his wife harder. I pulled out and asked her to ride me while he pounded her ass. She didn’t hesitate.

It was the first time I tried DP, a night for many firsts. I could feel his cock in her ass while I fucked her and flicked her clit up and down. We continued in this position for a few minutes longer.

We could hear a few cars driving on the road nearby. The thrill of possibly being caught was always there.

Our bodies rubbed up against each other, the sweat starting to build up. She had on a perfume that left a lingering scent even after we finished. He pulled his cock from her ass and begged her to cum. She would only allow it if we both did. So we both stood up while she was on her knees. It wasn’t long before we both came on her face. It was incredible. She licked us clean then wiped her face on the side of the blanket.

We turned on the torch on our phones, put on our clothes and walked back to the cars. “This was better than expected,” she said and slipped her black thong into my pocket. We drove of and couldn’t wait for the next meet.