Written by artsmart

17 May 2016

I got a message the other day. It said: Are you still where you are, because I’m on route from KZN down the coast on business and seeing that you had said so on your profile, I’d just check if we could have a coffee together before I head on down the coastline. Signed: darkhuney15. Must say I was surprised at this, seeing that there was no swinging life around my parts except for ladies who were sure they knew what they wanted and this included meeting for coffee while not meeting at all. Does that make sense. I’ve never got that right, meeting for coffee while not being there at all. Maybe I got lost in technology and don’t know how to have coffee on whatsapp or something. (if any reader knows how to do this, please don’t hesitate to educate me) I stopped trying to work that one out.

When the fruit is ripe, it falls. That’s my motto. But sometimes you have to put yourself there to catch it. The fruit fell, even if it was a one stop fall. It fell right into my lap.

Instructions appeared. Look out for a silver BM with xyz number plate and an Indian lady driving.

Being a rainbow nation guy, I had happened upon a fruit tree with a ripe one coming my way. I went to the coffee bar and waited for the fruit to arrive. She came in on time. I was impressed. I was waiting in my car when she rolled in, parking on the opposite side of the road. She climbed out, switching her bare feet for a pair of heels. Closed her car door and I could see the form of her sleek figure. She looked hotter than her photos did. But this was a coffee break only. I watched her as she crossed the street. She walked like a well-groomed woman. Around 5 foot and something. Grey business woman’s pencil skirt and an off-white cotton shirt. Some gold glimmering in the sunlight against her beautiful exotic smooth and shiny brown skin.

She was careful crossing the busy street. I signalled and she came over. Introductions and smiles. She has a beautiful smile and mouth. Although the only indians lady on this site, for me, still tops the beauty list of beauties here, this one, darkhuney15, was good competition for her. I felt a lot of desire for her sexy mouth. I think that she sensed this too. What took me immediately was her style. I loved it. The way that she moved her body, spoke, looked and her ability to concentrate in a relaxed way. We went inside and took a table. Coffee got served and we chatted. It was great. We were having fun. There was no high energy stuff going on. Chilled like I preferred things to be. Her too, she said. At a certain point, our conversation turned to what either of us got turned on by. She knew I had a panty thing and she steered her story in this direction. Things began to get more sexy.

We finished our coffee and headed outside. She hinted to a walk on the beach seeing that the weather was so fine and I agreed. We drove to the beach each in their own car. We kicked off our shoes and got onto the sand. Now I began to smell her perfume. I could make out her profile. High cheek bones, a sharpish nose, slightly slanted eyes well-groomed everything. She was quiet the picture. The rest of her made me quiet giddy and I kept that only on the sight part and not the thought part. Any thought in that direction stirred my embers rapidly. It was a bit too early to get exhibitionist with her and she hadn’t advertised herself as one either, although I love that in a woman too.

We walked on, the sand warm under our feet . She said how she was enjoying herself. She liked me. Found me quiet sexy actually. I laughed and gave her my opinion of her. We just came together, embraced and began kissing. Her mouth was so wet and soft. Her tongue finding me quickly, exploring mine, her breath beginning to quicken with mine. I took a quick rain check. No one about. I took her over to some rocks and we found some soft dry sand between a small out crop. We lay down and kissed. Our desire for each other was definite. I felt her groping my butt. She pulled away from my mouth and winked while commenting on the grip she could get. “Hmmm nice” she had said. “I was so curious about your butt”, she said “cuz you don’t have any photo’s showing it. So glad I came to find out for myself”. And she sought my mouth with hers. We just kissed continuously. “You wanna take that off”, she pointed to my trousers. Sure I did. She helped me and I lay in my rods. Her hands were all over me now. Finally they got to my already stiffening cock. “Oh my” she says “well hello there mister” and she pulled my rods a fraction and peeped inside at my swelling head that was already beginning to glisten. She looked straight at me and I at her. No words were necessary. Unbridled passion took over from there. My hand moved over her fine smooth brown legs. She pulled her skirt up over her hips exposing a very erotic little number that had already climbed up between her even darker coloured pussy lips. Between them I could just make out her moistness clinging to the inside pinkness. She pulled them aside and out from where they had been wedged since who knows when. God, she was so beautiful. She says “I wanna show you something, handsome”, and I lay back on my elbows my bone now in full shape under my boxer rods. She got onto her knees and began doing a little hip swaying movement. That’s when I got my cell phone out and selected a tune. She jived her hips to the tune and I watched. She rubbed and stroked her body. Running her long manicured fingers up over her rounded breasts. She was quiet athletic but her stomach was still soft and feminine. She pulled her breasts over her bra, bringing them bulging forward, and played with them. Then she reached down and pulled her panties a bit higher, nestling them back into their little crack that seemed more moist than before. Then she moved toward me on her knees until she was right up near my face. I smelt her smell. When I reached up and touched her bum, she gasped, spreading her legs over my hand she bent over and placed her mouth over my nipple, sucking it gently. My fingers played with her luscious moist lips from behind. She sticking her hips out so that her butt was splayed. She rocked her hips gently to and fro. She came off my nipple and slid down to my cock. I slipped out of my rods and she straddled my face. Her pussy pulsated in front of me while she stroked my hard cock. Moving downward to meet my mouth, she dangled her wet lips over my nose letting me savour her delicate smell. Intoxication took over. She sucked me into her mouth and played with my balls. She smeared herself all over my face and then came on it pushing harder with her hips as I felt her orgasmic pussy pulsate on my tongue. Then she worked my cock until I ejaculated into her beautiful mouth. She drank deep. When she came up I could see a bit of my cum dribbling off her chin. The music had stopped and we lay there in each other’s arms on the warm sand listening to the sound of the waves washing up on the rocks below us. We kissed some more, lay about , chatted a bit. Then on checking the time it was time to head on.

I had wanted a ‘regular’ sexy buddy and so had she but this had happened spontaneously and I was glad I’d been open to go with the flow. It had been worth it.

For now, she was beautiful, sexy and horny and we both wanted just this from each other.

We walked back to our cars, kissed again and said good bye.