02 Oct 2017

There was a creeping into each others profiles for some time... slight greet to chat and ended... Creeping continued again till Her hubby insisted to stop our nonsense and meet, nothing serious...

Here we go, arranged the perfect time and of course the perfect place we only found out after we met. I honestly had a little scary feeling deep inside as thy Lady had the same although her hubby will be there all the time. I Felt out numbered:-) and of course All woman must feel safe and comfortable in any situation so my respect to her hubby!!

Thy Lady and myself going for the date, finally...oh the "Blind date" we both recognised during the long winding road of Clarens drive to our meeting destination. Naturally I was worried Thy Lady isn't what her words made me imagine her be...the drive felt longer and the moonlight getting brighter within me but I couldn't stop to find out while she was quiet as her hubby drove, He asked what was the matter as she stared on the moonlight rippling over False bay and had the very same mind "fucking"...

We have never exchanged face photos reason why we both aren't pushy type of people as for her hubby (laugh) that just wants us to finally meet and have our peace within the mysterious minds set equally back to reality, imaginations tensioned for friction of skin and shiver was the story of my every morning glory.

I hoped they will arrive before me so I didn't have the moment to sit and wait to generate more thoughts and the rush is not just over the wall...but through it! Humpty Dumbty!

What if I go through our conversations again while at wait and get erected...would absolutely be weird me struggling to get out my car as if im carrying a bag of rocks on my back then walking with an awkward dance move up to there vehicle...

"Hi, I'm Humpty Dumbty that hit the wall..." I'm sure thy Lady would've understand my condition as it is her fault.

Luckily they have parked already:-)

Both vehicles securely parked side by side at the shark spotting little wooden house between Gordons bay and Rooiels, moonlight was dominating the atmosphere and always I keep all my "effects" pocketed with me. (cellphone, wallet etc)

Just when I switched the light on to find my things she turned her light on too and we seen each other for the first time...

The feelings and thoughts we had on our way to meet, all just dropped into an intense relaxed state of trust that our connection was true. Her hubby exposed his respect by smiling at me and told her to get out and meet me.

We both got out of the vehicles and I glimpsed at her, she moved her hands smoothly over her dress to look her best and that's understating... Hubby turned the light off and layed back in his seat.

She walking over to me... perfume and her scent striking me with very little breeze between us, "Thy Lady" all I could say in the moment... she smiled and we kissed breaking off to finally meet, we held hands staring at each other like the first kiss of our school days...silent and processing the scene to where Thy Lady let's me inside of her.

I knew the little wooden house by surfing there... She didn't hesitate to ask if it's locked or if we would get into trouble. Hubby just waving at us... car guard:-) my good friend now.

I helped her into the little wooden house which had only a chair and a huge window view over the ocean,(what else do you need) (I'm talking about the chair:-)) she took a look at the area and I reassured her to feel safe and at anytime....(bad manners to cut in:-) Thy Lady grabbed and kissed me to such quick move that I was confused of being robbed:-) I wouldn't care though, couldn't stop to gently kissing and intense breathing fused by soft hands covered her face as I hold her and was made very clear what affection thy Lady had upon me, felt my hard knop pressing against her through my thin track pants, slight shivering hips she had... That moment would never be forgotten, the crushing waves roar and the little wooden house we heated up by a kiss.

I turned her around smiling at each other, I leaned against the wall with her back against me holding her arms..."This is crazy I whispered" Thy Lady placed my hands over her diamond hard nipple breasts moving her cute little ass against my knob... I asked if I may feel her pussy...she kissed me and smiled...I lifted her skirt and moved my fingers over her soft warm lips as if im hold a wine glass never to break... A twitch through her body and goosebumps I felt how wet she got...her g-string was soaking wet and so warm, continued shivering she made me feel it's little to much to fast but I can not stop! I can smell her fluids throughout the entire little wooden house... I took her hand inside of my pants to ease the affection we both have and equal the feeling to my precum fluids...Thy Lady has got me so wet!

She turned and stared at me while holding my rock heart beating head smearing my fluid over and over... I slowly moved my had inside her g-string over her fresh shaved warm wet pussy slipping my middle finger inside of her with my other hand on her face and moving down over her cute butt holding with my finger tips half inside between her cheeks and continue to kiss, the squeeze she had on my hardon was exquisitely crushing harder than the waves... I pulled my finger out with a load of her warm fluid in my palm and finger and licked it keeping my eyes in her eyes... Taste the clean and very unique scent thy Lady has mixed by the ocean, oh she does look after herself... I can still smell it everytime I drive past the little wooden house! I figure you know to where I'm going...;-)

I am hard just writing about it and thy Lady let me know if you wet by now :-)(okay enough news flashing, let's take my experience "head" on now!;-)

She does the same and lick her fingers, oh and the we smile at each other again...I ask if I may pull her skirt up but only after I drop my pants... (You know the answer by now) Wrong! She dropped my pants ;-)

Slowly moving my pants down my hardon popped out more aggressive than jack in the box... It was so long in a short time he wanted to get out...I imagine somebody looking wondering if that Lady is casting her rod angling:-)

I was well trimmed and have to mention again soooo hard... Thy Lady went down, rubbed my head over her face and holding my balls...started to lick my tip and hold her lips over my heads hole to suck my fluids in her mouth...I was on my toes almost that felt like the nails of our little wooden house floor...She came up and said not to waste any... My toes made it! Phew!

We kissed and I could taste myself while lifting her skirt up over under her boobies and dropped her g-string...I took a knee and gave her g-string back not to leave laying around (may be dusty) She told me to keep it... pocket!

Thy Lady stood there exposed in front of me, her fluids running down from the soft skin next to her pussy I adore all over her thighs....I picked her one leg up and rested on my knee...It was dark with only the moonlight but I could see the shine of her wetness as her pussy lips moved open, opening up to me...I kissed her small gap of soft skin next to her pussy and moved my lips over hers to the other side... She was dripping as I can feel myself too...Moved her fingers through my hair back of my head moving her lower body pausing to pull me against her... I placed my mouth over her wet pussy and without even sucking her fluid my mouth was warm inside filled by her wanting to get out... (much fuller than our dams are;-))

I held her cute butt and wiggled my tongue inside her and sucking more of her I so badly want...she force pulled my face into her and fucking my face as I opened her butt cheeks while squeezing... the shiver increased and clenched my head with her leg...she started to flow on my face and in my mouth then ripped my head away to stop... breathing hard and couldn't reform her hips from shivering... I was moving my hands over her butt and asked "if thy Lady was okay" We explode together she said!...

My bomb is already on detonation...she was almost there... I stood up my hardon pressing against her tummy and kissed her... wow was my face wet... I turned her around to look over the moonlight ocean leaning on the counter...held my head in between her wet hot pussy lips sliding up and down...just slightly entering her...I asked if she was ready...and she held her butt cheeks opening up more to me...what a response!

I held her around the waist and leisurely glissade my hardon inside her...The sensation of her inner warm soft walls covering me was mind boggling...Thy Lady was tight and so ready at the moment we I hit the depth of her inside and couldn't go deeper as much as we still need to...She let go of her butt cheeks and held my body against hers...It felt as if she engaged the lock on me inside her, of course I pull her closer tight against me... steadily frozen in the moment...

View as ocean, waves as thunder and we calm before the storm...

I kissed her back while firmly we hold me inside her...sweaty and immense grip to that the moment never fades...Thats no joke to keep in a position so long still without friction over out skin to finish what we are here for...We just had it!

I moved my hands over holding her breasts and tickling her nipples...she pulled me even harder against her... I placed her hand to hold my balls and rub them against her hardened Clit... as they move over a can say exactly where they bump against her and how her fluids never stop flowing...

Just can't explain the moment...She pressed my balls hard against her Clit and paused in still... I picked her breasts up and she tilted her head back in a stunning bucked back pose...Skin to softest tissue I felt she started beating inside over me...could this be her time to finish...I held my hand over her throat to feel it was only her heart pounding through her body... never experienced so intense beating over my hardon inside her...That got to me...I held the top op her breasts to grip my pull motion so I can thrust everything I have...she held my hips again and knew this is it...I can't resist... pulled slowly out with only my head between her lips excess fluids wanting to excape...and the figure we had was so perfect in place lined up I won't be able to slip out... grasping to exert force from her breasts to penetrate her... we evenly work our connection together to enter thy Lady...Sounds of fluids flushing... we start little strokes and continue faster and harder... Look up there is the beautiful ocean and look down is this stunning Lady bucked up little cute ass bumping against my!

She said it's time and I was there for her... grabbed my balls and roughly used them against her Clit as thy Lady explodes almost jumping... I was about to pull out and finish but she held me there to fill her...honestly I was so easy at that time... and blew all my load inside her.... moving my lower body in a circular motion so she can feel me twirling around inside all over while releasing...I was so gentle as possible that was effort...she left her marks on me! I dont blame her...

We stood there and breathed it off...I stayed inside still moving slightly around till I slowly pulled out and she caught our fluids... what a lot we had... I placed my still hardon in between her butt cheeks sliding up and down as she clenched in short pulses...We agreed and confirmed to what happened was amazingly satisfaction!

I won't down and spread her face in between her cute butt cheeks and kissed her fragile pussy... respect the power of her!

We got back into them clothes and held each other for a while...still breathing and shivering...

Meeting her hubby was kind of awkward, just imaged him looking while I'm taking a knee as if im asking her hand in marriage while receiving her g-string:-)

She was very tired and just wanted to dose away... luckily her hubby is driving.

She did eventually took a nap on her way home while her hubby and me stayed in contact until everybody is safe at home. He was so curious to know what happened and want details of course as I would be the you go my friend:-) aka car guard!

Forgive some grammatical errors as I'm not done yet :-)

Wasn't easy typing during a seminar!