26 Mar 2017

Do I have something written on my forehead? Stupid ,green ???

I dont know either I cant see it .

To be let down in 3 consecutive days is something rare but nonetheless it happened.

These are not people I met and spoke 5 minutes to either .

Irish must be so gullible .

Guy 1 flip I cant remember his look see its not that important ,

Oh had to look at my whats app now I know I spoke to him 22nd Feb So over a month.

Maggie he says I know this may sound weird but I have always loved the Idea of an older woman.

I have never been with one. Dont think I am rude but you turn me on .... so the conversation went so made a date for

Thursday .I had to go out and only got back to my whats app. 2 hrs later

He had deleted me already .I dont know why

Guy 2

Conversation got on well in fact we talked into the early hours of the next day

Also infatuated with my age .

He loved to hear my Irish voice so mostly voice notes

Gave him my details the map actually etc.

We were to meet at 7 so that past and i looked he had been on line .

I asked if hes not talking anymore, Sorry I have to take my child to the hospital I replied fine.

Then I realized thats not a civilized answer wrote hope all is ok.

Oh they are booking her in .

What can I say ,hope everything is ok.

Well not another dickey bird from him .

Needless to say he wasn't interested or got cold feet,

I hope she is well anyway .

So was up all night to watch the cricket and the rugby on saturday

Needless to say I was shattered and square eyed,

Then an Irish friend who I have been chatting forever it seems

so out of the blue Sorry have been so busy but can we meet

Was reluctant as I was bleary eyed ,thought ah shit live it up woman give up rugby ball and cricket ball for 2 other

softer balls .I said yes will let him know 1 hr before he must come.

Give the map and physical address .

so told him at 6 ok you can be on your merry way .

Guess what

my battery is flat let me see if i can get leads ,what man doesnt have jumpers ,

Guess it wont ,mentioned the name of the car well my son has the same car ,dont bull shit me .

Something better came up .

So am I jinxed and dont forget my lover of over 4 yrs got married yesterday.

Well better things around the corner I reckon.Do you .

Please feel free to comment I am never to old to learn anything. .

Mad Irish girl