Written by cool potatos

07 Jul 2015

we had met on whatsapp, She was 54 divorced and bored and I was 25 and horny as hell.

Chatting had gotten off to a great start and best of all she lived only a few kilometers from me.

We soon met up for coffee to finalise what i would do to satisfy her secret fantasy.

Things went like this the next day:

I arrive at her house gate and open it using the remote she had given me, I park my car and make my way to the front door its open as promised, I go in and close the door as instructed.

I walk down the passage, the second door to the left is a bathroom, I undress and pick up the box of condoms and lube left there for me, quietly I put on a condom.

one door to the right up the corridor is where i will find her waiting for my throbbing cock.

I open the door to her room....there she is as agreed, on her knees leaning over the bed her large bottom in the air and her vaginal lips in clear view.

My hand touches her ass...she flinches...but not a word, i spread her ass and look at her tight ass hole my hand slides down her vagina is dripping down her legs....no need for that lube.

I rub my cock down between her cheeks and over her pussy, she pushes back hungry to have a young cock to fill her.

I push into her, she is not very tight but her warm mature body wrap my hard penis....

My thumb find her anus and begin circling...and with the help of some lube I start to finger her tight ass.

I can hear her trying to remain quiet its hard and she buries her face in the pillows, I have not seen her face since the previous day i grab her dark hair and pull her on my shaft, she gasps and pushes down onto.

I feel her body grow firmer and firmer until she relaxes again and I push into her body again, moments later my body shakes as i fill the condom.

As i pull off my cum filled condom and leave it on her bed side table for her as she asked.... she says .....

More please


If u like tell me in the comments and if you wanna know what we did next