01 Aug 2018

My hubby is self employed and works exceptionally hard. We often need to go out to clients after he has dropped his guys at the end of the day. Being the diligent wife, I invariably accompany him. Whilst late calls may be good for our bank balance, they definitely have a negative impact on our sex life.

A few days ago, he told me that we would have to go see a prospective client after work that day, as he required a quote. As with most other days, we were lightly flirting with each other on WhatsApp, and I started feeling the familiar warmth of arousal in my crotch.

As the day progressed, and the banter passed between us, my clit was positively throbbing, by the time he fetched me from work. Every time I moved, I could feel the tip of her rubbing against my soaking panties.

On our way to the client, hubby put his hand on my thigh. Slowly running it up and down as we drove. His fingers trailing up my inner thigh, and driving me insane with desire. He was running his hand up almost until my mound, but stopping deliciously close every time.

Peak hour traffic in Johannesburg really crawls along, and it took a fair while to arrive at our destination. By then, my entire crotch area had soaked right through my pants, as evidenced by a discernible wet spot on the passenger seat of our car.

The client led us into his beautiful home, and right away, we felt at ease. Hubby spoke to him about what the quote requirement was, and then set about measuring out cable runs, and possible positions for equipment. I could hardly move, as I was so swollen open and aroused.

The client asked if I would not be more comfortable waiting in the lounge. I immediately blushed, imagining leaving a wet spot on their couch, too. Thinking of the liquid heat between my thighs, just sent another ripple through my body.

As we walked to the lounge, I could smell his clean masculine smell, and the subtle fragrance of his after-shave. I watched as his tight buttocks minced before me, as we walked down the passage. I wanted this man’s hands on my body.....

Luckily there was a bar area attached to the lounge, and we moved toward it and stood there. We started chatting about this and that, and I became mesmerized by his mouth. Imagining his mouth on my body. My entire body was, by now, on fire.

Hubby came into the lounge to let us know that he needed to go out to the car, and start measuring outside. I just nodded dumbly, because I knew that I would no longer be coherent or capable of speech, my desire was so great.

The client went and opened the front door. I had my back to them, and was staring intently at the contents of their bar, hoping against hope that something could distract me.

I’m not sure whether I sensed or felt him behind me. But the bulge in his pants was unmistakable. I pressed my ass out slightly against him, and felt his hands on my hips. I groaned at his masculinity.

His hands started exploring my chest. My nipples were already hard and tingling from the drive there. His hard cock a rigid pole pressed against my crack. I wanted this man inside me.

I slowly turned around. His warm hands never leaving my breasts, cupping my heaving breasts, and firmly working my nipples. Teasing them, working them almost to the point of uncomfortable, but not quite.

I leaned forward to him, and closed my eyes. I felt his lips on mine. Our mouths parted and I felt the tips of our tongues touch. Teasing each other. I felt small twitches coursing down my body, unconsciously causing my hips to push forward toward him.

One of his hands came around the back of my head, holding my nape, pulling me in toward him. Fingertips entwined in my hair. Masterfully he made his intention known and I was slave to his attentions.

Languidly, his other hand left my breast and explored lower. My heart was thumping in my chest. I felt his fingers creep in under the waistline of my pants, and almost lost my balance as a new wave of desire washed over me.

In a moment, he had unfastened the button and lowered my zip. I remember the exquisite pressure of his fingertips against my pouting lips, grazing over the pronounced bump of my clit, as my zipper crawled down. He cupped my soaking, panty covered mound,squeezing and massaging me lightly. I was euphoric with pleasure.

After a little while, I had to sink to my knees, or run the risk of falling, if he were to make me cum like that. Hungrily I unzipped him and took his stiff length into my mouth. I could already taste the slightly salty taste of his pre-cum on my tongue.

He was holding my head as I moved up and down his rampant manhood. Sucking on him, taking him deep, my hand cupping his balls gently, as I worked on him with every bit of desire and expertise I possessed. I could feel his balls lifting as my mouth slipped over his head; my tongue gliding around his circumsized glans.

Huskily he asked me to lay down on the couch. Somehow we had both got naked by now. I lay down on the couch, and immediately felt his hands on my knees. Pressing me gently apart. I slowly parted my thighs, watching his stiff cock twitching, as he got his first view of my swollen, sopping pussy, opening for him.

He lowered his mouth onto me, and I felt his tongue gliding up and down my liquid slit. Flicking at me, this way and that, tracing my rigid little shaft deep into my body, sucking my sex into his mouth. I felt his urgency as his fingers started working in and out of me.

I lay back and was enveloped in the moment. Somewhere behind me, I heard the creak of a door. I was restricted by the arm of the chair, and could not see who had entered. In all honesty, with this gorgeous man’s head feasting between my legs, I did not care!

Almost explosively, I felt my body clamp down against his fingers. Every muscle in my body went taut, as I thrust my hips savagely into his face. Feeling the tip of his tongue circling my entrance, drove me over the edge. I bucked hard against him, my orgasm ripping through me, as I ground my crotch into his face.

When my moment had passed, he was towering over me, and I could feel the tip of his cock resting at my entrance. I reached down between us and guided him into my hot and wanting vagina. With one quick thrust, he had hilted me, and I felt my juices bubbling and streaming out of me.

His cock was moving in and out of me, and I was loving the full feeling of it inside me. He was both a confident and skilled lover. Knowing exactly how deep to go, and when to withdraw. I was totally lost in the moment, my face buried against his neck, and my hands on his back.

He was fucking me properly. There was no pain, no sense of humiliation, subjugation or depravity. Just two people enjoying each other and fucking. I felt the pressure starting to grow in my abdomen again, and knew that my second was well on her way.

It started in my toes. I felt them curl up and the heat consuming me. My muscles clamping wetly against his well lubricated manhood. Thrusting himself up deep and hard into me, forcing my muscles open around his throbbing cock. Harder and harder he fucked me, until, finally, I let go.

His hands were resting on my shoulders, his eyes looking into mine. Suddenly I felt something teasing my butthole. With a start, I realized that it was my hubby! And with that thought, I went tumbling and writhing into number 3.

With hubby working my ass, and gorgeous client filling my pussy, it wasn’t long until my fourth. This time, I held onto his shoulders, looking him direct in the eye. Whispering encouragement to him. I wanted to feel him explode deep inside me.

Hubby suffers from Sperm Competition Syndrome and only really has a decent orgasm, after I have been well done. By now, I was acutely aware of hubby kneeling at the foot of the couch, watching this gorgeous man’s cock working in and out of me.

With one final grunt, I felt my newfound lover release. His orgasm was savage, and I could feel his cum first jetting deep inside me, and then come oozing out, as he continued thrusting, until he was done.

Moments after he withdrew from me, I felt my husband’s hand between my legs. Spreading my pussy lips open, as the evidence of my recent lovemaking slowly trickled out of me. This is the time for me, that I find most thrilling.

Hubby then thrust hard into me, and fucked me senseless whilst the client was watching his own cum being fucked out of me. It is savage and hard, and quick. But at that time, I am captured again by my husband.

We reconnect on a level that I never previously imagined.

Afterward, all three of us killed around in the couch for a little while, sipping on our hot coffees and just shooting the breeze.

I really hope that this won’t be the last of these types of calls!????????