Written by wilson

01 Dec 2014

I have an older, probably 50ish y.o., fairly good looking woman living next door. She moved in about 6 months ago, and, up until recently I hadn't seen much of her. She's not fat not slim, not the greatest ass but pretty nice for someone her age. She's very sociable and carries herself very confidently.

We pass on the street and say Hi. Wave to each other from the back yard, and do other banal neighbor stuff. One day she gave me a smile, a wave and a look that felt like she was somewhat attracted to me. Something I hadn't picked up on before.

One night I saw her downtown at the grocery store. She was checking out while I was heading toward the exit. She asked me to wait for her. We chatted for about a good 10 or 20 minutes on our way home. She then asked if we could exchange phone numbers in case of emergencies or if ever one of us needed something or whatever. I said sure good idea. I said if ever you need some flour or sugar for a recipe, come knock at my door! She then repeated with a grin the size of Texas, "if I need some sugar, you want me to come knock on your door?" I said laughing, "yeah, something like that!" She says, OK!

Well, about 2 days later, Saturday afternoon, she calls me up to ask if I can spare a bit of laundry detergent since she doesn't have any left. I say sure come on over. Now frankly, I didn't think I would get laid that day. I thought maybe someday I'd nail her, but surely not today, I thought the dance would go on for a little longer. So anyway, she shows up, I let her in. Her nipples are piercing thru her tank top, she obviously has no bra on. Very nice I thought. I let her in and she says she's never seen the inside of my house before, so I give her a little tour. She sees my bedroom and says, "so this is where the magic happens?" I laughed, "Well, theres not much magic happening lately but yeah, in theory, that's where it would happen!"

"Don't tell me that a good looking guy like you has trouble getting laid?" she said. To which I replied "Oh its just that I work a lot and don't have much time to get out." She says, "Yeah, its the same for me."

"So are you saying that your sex life is as bad has mine?" I asked. "Well, it could be better!" she replied. At that point, I kinda froze and then she asked if I ever had sex with an older woman. I said with a smile, "No, but that's on my to do list."

"Oh really?" she replied, "Do you have a lucky older lady in mind?" To which I said, "uh well, i don't know, right now theres a very sexy older woman in front of me, I wouldn't mind if it was her."

She takes my hand and leads me into my room. We start to kiss standing up. She's feeling my abs and I'm feeling her boobs. After a few minutes, she gets down on her knees, pulls down my pants and proceeds to blow me. After a few more minutes, she gets up and takes her top off. I take off my shirt. And I'm telling you, she's got pretty nice tits! C's or small D's.

I then help her out of her pants and eagerly peel her panties off her. She had a well trimmed triangle. We got to the bed and made some magic! I ate her out, drilled her in about a dozen different positions. I made her scream like a mad woman. She must have cum 4 or 5 times. Once done, she got into the shower. I was all set to start fucking again when she got out, but she wanted nothing to do with it. She saw I was still pretty horny, so she gave me a blow job, swallowed my cum, got dressed, and left.