Written by Tails

22 Nov 2016

I'm a nurse from Wellington. Please to meet you Z. Your duties are to take care of my lady, she was in an accident. Shall I call u? Just Z! O!!k? ? Late at night, in the kitchen. I'm making myself a snack. Hallo! Ho mrZ. Halo. Can i help u. No! I went to my room. In the middle of the night. I feel someone holding me down. A hand is rubbing over me. Touching my inner thigh. The hand is making my legs go wider. I can feel my clit obey every stroke it's making. Suddenly something got me scared. Immediately I sit up. And nothing, shit a dream. For the week I'm alone with the broken lady. As I bath her she moans when I dry her putting moisturiser on her. She opens her legs expose her inner beauty. Then I go down on her rolling my tongue around her clit. Putting a finger up deep in the wet path. I'm taking her clit in my warm mouth rubbing my tongue softly over the tip of her clit she grabs me by my hair. Pulling my head to hers kissing my mouth with hard full tongh kisses. My finger still in her with my thumb on her wet clit. She came so hard in my hand. Ho geeez that's leaving me just now where. The week has gone so fast me playing with her daily. Late that night mrZ is back

He was hopeful to see some improvement in his lady. I'm back in my room having a shower. As I got out a cup of coco is waiting on the dressr. It smells fantastic. In seconds it's finish. Time to read my book. But I'm so tired. I see a silhouette in the corner, any one there?? But my eyes my legs my body doesn't want to co'operate what's wrong with me?? I feel someone undressing me. Ho my!! So mush build up in me I can't even stop this I'm nacked. My legs far apart. Slowly I can feel him in me going slow at first. As he gets harder he goes faster I'm moaning loudly he puts his hand over my mouth. His breath in my ear chasing telling me not to come now the night is still young. He turns me to my stomach. His cock hard pulsating in me. His mouth in my neck. Hands over my breasts. I'm so ready to burst. "Nock!nock" and his gone? Just my luck late business. I fell asleep. Early morning hours. Hand over my mouth"" don't scream. MrZ everything OK? ? Yes I have been watching the cameras. He tied one hand to the bed post my other hand is holding his dick. Ho my mrZ. The cameras water cameras. In my lady's room. Ho OK. R u made at me. No he said. Open your legs. He said. If you make a noise the hand goes back. I will be quite. Promise. He got on top of me had me in so many ways. Kissing me fucking me hard. Be quite he said. But but I'm coming i whispered in his mouth. I could feel how wet I got mmmm

Taking the news paper, opening the work section. Reading.... Classy ladies ekstra income send picture? I take a pic sending it to the number? Now I wait... A reply, Name! Alida I reply. Have u done escort work? Reply!! Taking to dinner or the sex part? He's laughing Hahaha the sex part! I reply non of them! He send me a address come over let's see if u have the guts for this! I took a bottle of red wine got in to my car, thinking Alida what are u doing!!!!? Got there pulling in to the driveway, followed him into the house. No words just two bodies looking at each other, he gave me 2 glasses, I open the wine, pour into the glasses. Then I follow him to the bedroom wow nice all silk. He got on top of the bed still not a word. With a hand gesture he pat the bed for me to sit? I sat next to him, he started to kiss me I have no control, his hands undressing me.. On my knees on the bed still have pants on I started sucking his manhood I can feel his hands rubbing my privates, the button loosen his hands on top of panti I feel his finger sliding over my lips I'm so wet! Starting to undress him he pinned me to the wall holding his hands on my breasts my nipples hard bending me over the bed entering me from the back while he fingers me! I can feel my legs is jelly time to have u hard on your back he whispers in my ear! I have never done this before! I hear my voice? You doing ok, cum for me I can feel you want to? Pushing him away and letting him lie down I got on top moving my meaty ass up and down long strokes he became so lost came in me right after I was done.