Written by REBELIV

19 Dec 2014

My wife invited a friend from her school days that she tracked down on FB. We picked her up at the airport and my wife was not kidding when she said this woman is a stunner.

We arrived home late so they had some wine and catching up and i retired to bed. I must admit i was thinking of "Mel' and wondered if she would be a good fuck.

Saturday we did the whole tourist thing with her around CT. She had a short jean pants and a white T-Shirt on and her hair was in a ponytail.....i was aroused the whole day and i think she enjoyed teasing me every now and then when the wife was not really looking. Bending over to pick up a stone, quick scratch over her jeans, stroking her stomach under her t-shirt. At one stage in tha cable car up the mountain i thought i was gonna shoot a load. She stepped back and pushed her beautiful litttle behind against my half aroused cock....i was very hot for her. 'Sorry' was all she said but i could see the smile as she backed away again to talk to my wife.

That night we had a braai and invited some other friends. All the guys was commenting on this hotty.

My wife had to fetch our daughter from a Party she had gone to at around 11 and the party was over at the house as well.

Mel said she had to wash her hair and said she did not want to drive with her. I offered but my wife insisted that we dont leave Mel home alone.

I went to go have a shower and got a semi hard-on thinking about Mel bending over the pool table earlier and that nice little ass and firm boobies. Her shiny red hair. I was wondering if she was clean shaven or what.

Well i decided to jerk off in the shower and was whispering her name as i reached the s-bends.

"Was that good".....shit she was watching me.

"How long do we have?" she asked. I said about half an hour maybe a little more.

She dropped her little jeans, no undies and there it was the clean shaven and little pussy like a school girl. The top came off and the little bra that looked like a trainer bra.

"I love to swallow, like being banged really hard and like to finish off with anal." I was a little taken by surprise by these words from her. She continued....forgive me but i love fucking and i wanna fuck you silly she said.

I must admit i raced past foreplay and just wanted to stick my cock in that tight pussy. It was so bloody awesome and then the i heard the garage door. She jumped up and went into her room......

We dropped her off at the airport on Sunday.......

I have been jerking off since then......its been a week and a bit.....

What a near early Xmas present