Written by nevasek

17 Jun 2012

we are Indians from Durban< Verulam, and my wife is small and petite with a sexy body.

anyway this one afternoon we stumble on this nudist beach by accident.

The beach had some white men walking around naked, but there was this one guy with a big bala nnear us. my wife kept saying, my god what a big bala about 20 times.


my hand went to her pussy which was wet. i pulled my cock out and she started sucking me.

This made the white guy horny, he stroked his dick till it grew hard, he then walked over to us. Hi he said. I asked him if my wife can hold his cock. yes he said, hungrily she grabbed it and started sucking, by now the beach was deserted.

We saw 2 suspicious guys approaching and we decided to leave, we not sure if these two brutes had glimpsed my wifes pussy so we decided to leave. had we never left when we did my wife would have her pussy stretched to the limit by that big white bala.

Since then we had 3 threesomes , we joined a swinging club and we enjoying dogging.

Thank god we live near Umhlanga, we still go to the nude beach sometimes. every guy secretly would love to see his wife nailed by big hard cocks, thats my fantasy