18 May 2019

Every evening after I put the kids to bed I go outside for a cigarette and a glass of wine. I don't really smoke but this is my 1 a day.

One evening while the husband was away I sat outside having my usual cig and wine when my neighbours husband walked past. He asked for a cigarette and sure I had one extra he asked if I didn't mind him smoking with me. We had small talk, his wife and kids were away for the weekend and he was happy to have them away as he and the wife were arguing all the time.

I didn't really know his wife, I'd seen her through the window and we'd waved at each other but other than that, I didn't know her.

One cigarette led to another and soon I was pouring him some wine. We had a lovely chat.

After a couple of glasses of wine, he loosened up and was telling me how sexy he thinks I am. I wasn't interested in him but I was starting to enjoy the compliments.

I don't know when or how he got on his knees between my legs but here he was spreading my legs smelling my pussy. I wanted him to stop but my body was betraying me. My panties were wet and my legs were spreading further and further apart. Soon his tongue was licking through my panties, I grabbed his head and pushed it in. He stopped. I didn't want him to stop. So here I was gyrating my hips to his mouth. He asked if I was sure. I had never cheated on my husband but I wanted this man to fuck me. Sure, I was sure. He asked me to follow him to his house.

I did as was told and as soon as we walked into his house he took his clothes off and sat facing me on the sofa, his big cock at attention, it looked so big, I had never fucked a white guy before but here I was looking at this man's massive meat. I sucked him. Fuck! It smelled amazing. I was gagging on it as he pushed my head in. I got up and straddled him, inserting his pink cock into my pink inside. The contrast in colours was gorgeous and must have set him off cos no sooner was he inside me he came.

I was disappointed but that disappointment was short lived as he pulled me onto his face so that I was sitting on his face and he sucked my clit and pussy, sucking his own cum out and gave me the most intense orgasms I had ever felt.

When we were done we gathered our stuff and I went home. We no longer live in that complex but I drive there every now and then when his wife and kids are away for a little get together.