Written by Carl1

04 Sep 2015

Working away from home in construction I (40 year's old) met a guy working on site. We became friends and I got invited to his house. There I met his wife. A stunning 23 year old brunet with the best body I have ever seen. I visited regularly and slept over a few times. Every time I was there I stared at her and just imagined what she looked like naked. A few days ago I sent her a message on FB and we chatted like when we see each other face to face. But this time I decided to tell her how sexy she is. She asked why I would tell her that on which I replied that I would love to give her a hug and a kiss. To my surprise she said....I am not interested to talk about it. I thought that she will now run of and tell her husband what I said. ....but she replied by saying ... if you come for the next visit I will make sure I am alone....then you can give me a hug...kiss me...and do whatever you want to me, I do not talk or chat about this kind of thing....so just come over and show me what's on your mind. As I work cross border it will only happen in a few months from now.....the waiting is killing me.