20 Nov 2015

Today my day was pretty much like any other until I decided to take a drive to seapoint, I parked on my same spot and I didn't expect anyone to pitch after the add I placed however things weren't as normal as any other day.

I stopped and nothing was happening, I looked all around and nope not a dogger insight. Finally a white bmw pulls up and yep right next to my car, at first I thought it's just another guy on a lunch break wanting to relax at the ocean for a bit, boy was I wrong. This guy immediately made it obvious that he was stroking his cock, he looked straight at me and I immediately knew I wanted this to happen. He was an older man, around 50-55, I'm 25 and yeah it was a complete turn on.

He rolled down his window and asked if I wanted to play I said uhm you could come take a look at my pussy while doing that however you can do so looking in from my drivers window he moved his car very close to mine with only a gap big enough for him to stand between and he then came over and pull his cock through the slit of his pants, fck it was huge and really hard and extremely sexy as I've never had an uncut cock before, he asked if he could touch my pussy so he could smell his fingers while wanking so I let him, he was shocked as how wet my pussy was and he took the opportunity to flick my clit a couple of times knowing id want more, he was a real gentleman only doing what I let him. I loved that he was smelling my pussy on his fingers while jerking his cock I then let him tease my nipples and he said he loved how my boobs felt, I then told him he could touch my pussy some more and he was so Fckn turned on his dick was leaking with precum ... He then teased my pussy so good with those thick fingers, he loved how wet I was and he kept licking my pussy juices off his finger, I then put my seat back and turned around, lifted my skirt and showed him my ass while laying on my seat (I'm short) he asked if he could touch my ass and I said I really wanted it, he teased my asshole with his finger and then licked his finger and I asked him to finger my ass ... Fck it felt amazing ... He kept looking to see if anyone was coming and this turned me on even more, after fingering my ass I open up the door and he sat at the bottom facing my back seats pretending he is talking to someone who was laying down and he licked my ass so Fckn good while fingering my pussy I came over and over again... I wanted to play with that uncut cock and so I did, it was so big and so sexy and fck so wet I then let him cum on my tits as he requested to shoot on my tits and the last thing he said was 'fck jy is mooi and baie sexy'

Best part, we know nothing about one another and probably will never see one another ever again!

I loved the feeling and am so open to older much older guys right now.