Written by Letisha

30 Mar 2015

Hi walk into the room, wearing only n tight thong and thigh high stockings, you sitting naked on the bed. Feeling your eyes on me, feeling shy, humiliated, in front of another guy in lingerie.

I slowly walk over to you, with every moment feeling the thong rubbing against my manpussy, making me horny. I stand in front of you where you start touching my thong, sliding your hands over my lycra covered legs, you turn me around and inspect my ass, slapping me, spanking me.

You tell me to lie on the bed, feeling exposed and you spread my legs, start kissing me in the neck, rubbing me, making me hornier. Your lips find mine and we kiss passionately, feeling your hard rubble against my clean shaved face. You love the taste of the cherry lipgloss im wearing, the smell of my sweet perfume. You feel my hand wrap against your erect cock, gently rubbing it. I push you back on the bed, go on my knees, and move towards your cock.....fully erect, large big balls. I start licking your balls, your shaft, look up at you one last time and then take you in my mouth. Slowly, rhythmic I start sucking you, playing with the tip of my tongue on hear head, hearing you moan with pleasure.

You push me back on the bed, gently pull down my thong, leaving me completely exposed on the bed. You take lubricate and starts fingering my manpussy. The coldness of it stuns me at first but soon gets warmer. You pull me to the side of the bed, put a pullow underneath me to have a better angle. I watch you as you lube your cock, feeling nervous, excited, knowing my virginity will be taken. You put my legs onto your shoulders and my heart start racing, feeling your cock against my tight virgin ass. You tell me to relax as you slowly enters me. It hurts at first, but you are gentle and take it slow. After a while, i get more relaxed, it feels so good. You turn around, I get on top of you and feel how you slide into me. I start riding you, up and down, back and foward.

You push me down, turn me around, push my head into the pillow!, spank me and enter me once again, quicker and faster this time. Your hands grab my body, pulls me closer to you as you fuck me. The feeling is so intense, so good, feeling what its like to be fucked.

If you like the above, are clean and have a daytime venue, please contact me so we can make it a reality.

Im a 35yo white guy, 1.8m, 70 kg