Written by rippitt

11 Jun 2014

I saw the ad posted for 'some fun again' and was instantly intrigued as to what sort of fun, I responded with yes I sure would like to join you, surprisingly I got a response, meet at said movie house at 10am and come sit next to me when you arrive, I was apprehensive at first but extremely turned on not knowing what to expect, I arrived just after 10 and there she was all alone in the movie house sitting in the top row in the left hand corner.

I sat down next to a sweet smelling dark haired women and was not sure as to what I was supposed to do, she politely said hi and from the lights flickering from the movie I could see she was a Stunningly beautiful women and this made my heart race, we made some idle chat while all I wanted to do was kiss and touch her, after a while she lightly placed her hand on my leg and this is when I thought it's now or never and put my hand on her leg and she proceeded to put her feet on the chair in front of her and spread her legs for me to gently stroke what was the smoothest and wettest pussy I have felt in a very long time and this made my cock stand at attention, I could not get enough of stroking my hand over her clit and sliding only the tip of my finger inside of her, she started to rub my cock over my jeans and I then unbuttoned my pants and took my cock out, she leant over and put my whole cock deep inside her mouth which felt incredible, now I must admit at this point I was so horny that I had to tell her to stop or I would have blown my load, I continued to rub her pussy and felt that if I was to carry on, there would be no point of return as I wanted to put my face btw her legs and taste her sweet juices but could not take that chance in the movie house, we heard a noise at the door and both immediately covered up, we sat for a few minutes after that then I said cheers I need to go, walking out with a proper hard-on and smile I new that I had just done something I doubt I will ever experience again...Wow what an experience and what a Women..