Written by wildhot46

17 Jun 2013

Internet lust….

Cybersex on the internet. That’s what they call it. They spend a lot of time chatting and making each other masturbate.

Even by the time they say good-bye, both had been satisfied a couple of times! Not the same as being with that person,

but for now its all they have!!!

“They have been fucking each other like this for months now. He then decides that this is not what he wants anymore!!

It’s not enough! He realizes that this is total bullshit ‒ He wants to fuck her and that’s all there is to it!!! He decided

to surprise her by flying all the way to her. When he gets there, he books himself into a hotel and falls into a deep

sleep. Dreaming of her he wakes up with a raging hard on like he has never had before! Lucky for him she told him where

she works and from what time she would be alone! All he wants to do is just fuck her like there’s no tomorrow!! He then

takes a taxi to her work all the while feeling his lust boiling inside him. When he finally gets there he takes the lift

upstairs to her office. She is all alone on the 11th floor.

He decides to punish her for making him feel like his cock is going to explode!! His cock starts to grow even bigger

and pre-cum makes a wet spot on his pants. Another thing to punish her for! The office is all dark inside and you wonder

if she is there. The next moment the door goes open and this very sexy woman stands there. She has nice firm big tits, a tiny middle and a nice voluptuous ass. You know immediately that its her.

She did not see you yet. This is your chance to punish her. She is standing with her back towards you, trying to lock

the door. You hear her swear softly as she drops the key. As she bends down your cock decides that this is too much.

You can see she’s naked underneath her long skirt. You slowly walk up behind her and grab her, holding her tight against

you. You can see she is terrified! She feels your hard cock in her back and her eyes widens even more! Slowly you take

the key and open the door again. You push her up against the wall inside. You hold her mouth closed so that she cannot

scream, just whimper in fear. This drives you even wilder and more over the edge. The only thing on your mind is her

cunt. The pictures that she send you and the video clips of her masturbating is flashing in your mind. While you

lift her dress at the back you whisper in her ear that you’re sorry but you have to fuck her now and its going to hurt like

hell. Your cock has never been this hard or this big!! She tries to pull away when your fingers find her slit. You’re

driven over the edge when you feel her wetness running down her legs! Then you remember that this is her fantasy!! Holding

her up against the wall, you free your huge hard cock. Its throbbing almost painfully when you feel her heat! Lifting

her one leg up to give you more freedom you let go of her mouth. You are deaf to her pleadings as you ram your cock inside

her! Her tightness stops you for a moment. You then grab hold of her hips and pulls her down while you force your cock

all the way up inside her. She screams when she feels your cock hitting base! Feeling her pain and her shock together

with her wetness is just too much for you. You pull all the way out and ram it back in again. If she wasn’t this wet, you

would have torn her in half. You pull out again and with your finger frigging her clit you ram it in harder. This time

you keep it there and then it happens…..

Her whole body starts shaking..She starts cumming like you've never experienced. Gushing juices all over you cock deep inside her. The clenching of her cunt muscles are to much for your hard cock to handle. With one last thrust you cum deep inside her. It feels like its never going to stop. The pleasure is so intense that you scream. For the first time in your life, you scream with pleasure.

When you coherent again you slowly kiss her. You feel the tears on her face and you slowly pull your still hard cock

out of her very wet pussy. You have to hold her up otherwise she would collapse. You slowly turn her around in your arms.

Picking her up you carry her into the office. Sitting down on the chair with her in your arms. She slowly seeks your

mouth for a hot intense kiss. She opens her legs and touch your cock head. Sooo sensitive.. You nearly jump through

the roof. Slowly she slips off your lap onto her knees. Looking deep into your eyes she slowly lick your cock head all around.

Seeing her tongue do what you've been dreaming about, nearly makes you cum again. She traces her tongue all the

way down to your balls. The feeling is exquisite. Slowly traces up again, this time taking you as deep as possible

into her mouth. Her hand follows her mouth, in and out over and over again. You grab her head and steadily start to fuck

her hot mouth. You feel the cum build up and you stop, telling her that you going to cum again. She pulls your hand away

and take you deep into her mouth again. This time she sucks a bit harder. When she feels you cumming she holds your cock

deep in her mouth. You shoot load after load down her throat. Afterwards she gets up and tells you that now its her turn.

You gave her the most incredible orgasm by fucking her so hard and deep, but now her pussy is sore. You have to make

it better. She sits back on her desk, her skirt is bunched around her hips. Now for the first time you get a real good

look at her pussy. The pussy thats been driving you nuts, night after night for months. You move closer to get a better

look. Its exactly how you pictured it. At this moment her outer lips are all red and swollen and cum is still running

out. Its the wettest most desirable pussy you've seen in a very long time. She slowly moves her fingers over her

swollen lips. She opens her pussy up so you can see her hard clit. Moans softly when her fingers rub over it. You tell

her to show you how she made those clips for you. She smiles and asked if you really liked it. You reply that its because

of those clips that you hurt her. Your mind just blanked out when you saw the object of your deepest desire standing

in front of you like that. Then she proceeds to bring herself to a quick hard orgasm. By this time your cock is rock hard

again. All you can think of is that hot wet pussy in front of you. You pull her hard to the edge of the desk. Then you

bury your face in her hot pussy. Licking sucking and tasting like a man possessed. While sucking and licking her clit

you push two fingers deep inside her. She moans out loud. Begs you not to stop. She lays back on the desk. This gives

you better access to her hot cunt. You start tongue fucking her, alternating your tongue and your fingers. You fell

her body tense up as the moans becomes louder. You start working on her clit again, this time pushing four fingers

inside her. She screams at you to fist her. You slowly move more of your hand inside her, pulling it out and pushing

it in again. She is soo tight. You start going in deeper. Your mouth still on her clit. She grabs a hold of your head

and pushes her cunt tightly against your mouth, cumming all over your hands and mouth. Her contractions inside

squeezes your fingers out. You quickly get up and ram your hard cock deep inside her. The contractions around your

cock nearly drives you over the edge. You grab hold of her hips and continue to ram your cock deep and hard into her

cunt. She is sobbing with pleasure already, still cumming nonstop. Her cum is running down your legs already but still

you don't stop. After what seems like hours, you stop when you feel her hand on your stomach. She begs you to turn

her around again. This time she wants you to fuck her ass. You pull out of her soaking wet cunt. Making sure that her

juices lubricates her ass. You turn her around and enter her pussy from behind. Seeing your cock moving in and out,

so slippery and wet, is the most erotic thing you've ever seen. You take your cellphone out to take a video of

your cock moving in and out of her pussy. You then put the camera down and slowly start working your fingers into

her ass. Lubricating her as best you can. You then pull your cock out of her cunt. Slowly start pushing it into her ass.

She begs you to fuck her ass. Tells you to push it in hard. You grab hold of her hips and force your cock into her ass

as hard as you can. After an initial resistance you bury your cock inside her. She screams with pleasure while moving

her hips back and forth. The tightness of her ass is almost painful. You lift her one leg up and half from the side you

pick up pace. going faster and faster. She screams every time you enter her ass. You feel your burning hot balls slap

against her pussy. Next time you enter her ass hard, you also push four fingers inside her hot wet cunt. This pushes

her over the edge into a sexual nirvana. She starts cumming almost immediately. You fuck her ass harder, wanting to

cum deep inside her while she is busy cumming. You ram your cock deep inside for the last time. Holding it deep inside

her ass you shoot your load. This pushes her over the edge again and she cums even harder than before. When you finally

pull your cock out of her ass, you have to grab her as her legs collapses. You hold her up while telling her that it was

the best fuck you ever had. That you want more. She smiles at you and tells you to take her to your hotel.

It was the best week you ever had with a woman. Unfortunately you have to leave again.....