Written by goodwoodstraightsuck

03 May 2018

Its been 10 years back when I first saw my now neighbor. Never knew he was staying next door when I first saw him. when I do realize he stay next door I started looking at him over the vibacrete in the morning when he had a boner, or drinking outside. it looked so good. every morning or night I would look from behind my window at his lump in his pants. many nights he would be in his undies drinking his beer. This year I dcided to make a plan. We just started chatting about this and that nd then eventualy I would hint about him being horny in the morning.HE would just smile and last month his wife went over seas nd he was very horny. HE ASKED ME if I wanna blow him bcos his hand dnt do it so I went for the moment nd sucked his uncut cock. never thought he would njoy it so much but he did nd asked for the whole week. I swallowed everydrop of his cum like it was my last. so now it became a regular thing. if he want me to come around he whatsapp me or would stand in his door and stroke the lump.