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26 Dec 2012

Lift on motor cycle


2 minute read

it happened almost 2 yrs back, it was evening sunset time ,i was returning from my office ,it was raining -v light drizzle,it was getting dark ,traffic was also very less,i stopped at a red light (traffic signal) , there an old man(must be in mid 60ies)asked me for a lift ,i consented,with difficuly he sat on my back. his body leaning against my back. when he sat he put his hands on my thighs. i thought it was ok as he was not able to maintain his balance. the light changed , we started ,after s short while he slid his hand towards my inner thighs,i thought it was ok as this man was old. little later i felt his fingers slightly touching my balls , i was driving ,being of shy type i could not say anything,thought that it must be one off incident. but after a little while he again touched my balls with his fingers , i was a little uneased ,then he gently carressed my balls , to my surprise i was getting a little aroused , my breathing had changed. then he caressed my penis ,i somehow started getting more aroused,he sensed it and started stroking my balls and penis from outside.i wasin heat now ,aroused ,i came with much force inside my pants.the man felt that also .now next traffic signal came,this man got down,thanked me and walked away,i was still dazzled. i came in for a SHOCK when i reached home. i am a cross dresser ,i wear silk panties inside,that day i was wearing black silk panty ,when i undressed after reaching home i found to my surprise that my black panty was all white from front to back. i had never ever ejaculated so much with so force. from that day i am tormented by gay sex desires.

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