Written by Hannah_1

23 Nov 2012

Working out late was the best decision I ever made. The gym is almost empty, therefore, no battles for the machines, and no lineup for the showers.

That night had been slower than most, I guess you could blame the weather for that. The rain had changed to sleet earlier in the night. If it wasn't for the fact that I was already here when it happened, I doubt I would have shown up either. It had been a gratifying workout. Not too hard, but hard enough that I knew it had worked the necessary muscles.

Making my way to the showers I grabbed a fresh towel and threw the old one in the bin. With a tired smile I peeled off my top and shorts, and moved in to the shower area. The shower was blessedly empty, I hated showering when there were a lot of women, I've never really liked it, makes me feel self conscious I guess. Turning up the heat I closed my eyes and ducked my head under the stream of water. One of the most glorious feelings in the world, hot water running over your taut body after a workout.

The sound of the door closing roused me from my soak. I pushed my hair back and opened my eyes to see Stefanie walking in. She was another who frequently worked out late. She smiled and began to remove her clothing. She was a beautiful woman. She stood approximately 5'3, long black hair, firm round 36B breasts and shapely legs. It was easy to tell from looking at her that she was a confident woman. She walked with authority and assurance and never seemed timid or shy.

Stefanie took the spout next to mine and immediately ducked her head under the water with a big smile. Bending down I picked up my shampoo bottle and dabbed a small amount onto my hands and began to lather. I winced as I scrubbed behind my head; I had twisted my neck funny during one of the weight training exercises. "Did you hurt yourself?" Stefanie asked. "I'm not sure; I think I just twisted it funny, that's all." I replied. "Here, let me take a look." Stefanie suggested. She was a physiotherapist and was usually consulted by quite a few of the members for minor aches and pains.

Although I suspected that some of the reasons for that were Stefanie herself and not so much her expertise. "Sure, but I don't think it's anything serious." I answered.

Stefanie moved up behind me, I could feel the heat of her body as she moved closer and I suppressed a shiver as her hands touched my neck. She gently moved my hair to the side and began to lightly press on the back of my neck, all the while watching for reaction to pain.

After searching around and having me point out areas that were a little sore she began to massage the back for my neck and shoulders. I moaned quietly as her hands kneaded and pressed on my shoulder blades. She moved closer and I could feel her breasts pressing against my back, her nipples were hard against my skin. The hot water continued to cascade over us as I leaned into her massaging hands. Slowly, her hands moved down my back, massaging all the way. Her thumbs dipped down to lightly brush against my tailbone. I could feel the excitement building inside me and struggled to control my breathing so as not to give away my true feelings. As her thumbs pressed on either side of my spine, her fingertips feathered lightly on the sides of my waist and stomach. Slowly her hands began to move back up until she was level with the bottom of my breasts. Slowly and deliberately, she moved closer behind me and her hands moved under my breasts, cupping softly underneath. A moan escaped my lips before I could stop it. Taking her cue from that admission, Stefanie began to kiss the back of my neck while softly kneading my beasts. Running her hands down my belly, she tickled and teased her way to just above my pussy and then moved her hands around to the back and cupped my bottom. Turning me around slowly, she pressed her lips to mine. Kissing a woman was not like I expected it would be. It was softer somehow than kissing a man, more sensuous and slower. Our tongues danced with each other and she pulled me closer to her.

My hands moved up to cup her breasts and the gently rubbed my thumbs over her nipples, eliciting a soft moan of delight from her lips. Prodded on by the sound (as I've always been), I moved my mouth to her budding nipple and began to swirl my tongue around it. Taking the tip in my mouth I began to suck, first softly and then harder as her moans escalated.

We slowly sank to the shower floor as I continued my exploration of her body, making my slow way down her belly. When I reached her lower belly, I switched my progress and moved my attentions to her taut calves and thighs. As my searching tongue made its way closer to her pussy, her breathing became harder and faster. Her moans became close to whimpers as I moved in and lightly touched my tongue to her throbbing clit. Flicking gently at first I tested out the feel of her juices on my tongue. Lifting her legs up to allow myself further access I covered her pussy with my mouth, licking out the juices there and tonguing her now hard nub. Her body shook as I explored, alternating between aggressive, thrusting type licks to soft, sensuous tastes. I slowly inserted one finger inside her hot pussy, feeling her muscles contract slightly against my finger. I inserted another and began to move them in and out in slow motions, instinctively she began to rock her body against my fingers and I went back to my feasting.

Her body began to shake and her moans began groans and whimpers all mixed in to one as her climax built. She arched against me and I grabbed her cheeks and held her pussy to my lips and tongue as she began to cum. Her muscles contracted and began to spill her juices on to my face. I eagerly licked them off and held her until she subsided with a sigh.

Slowly lowering her body to the floor I held my face up to the water and let it run over me. Savouring, for one more moment the feel of my tongue against her clit. Moving my head out of the water I looked her in the eye... and smiled. She returned the smile and we stood up to rinse off.

"Would you like to come back to my place with me?" I asked.

"What about your Husband?" she asked.

"Oh, I'm sure he won't mind, and he's very orally talented. It could be quite a night..."

I answered.

At that she smiled and we finished showering quickly to head home.