Written by Soldaat

18 Mar 2014

My wife and I went to Bloem for a medical appointment and decided that we would sleep over at my sister in law (Anna)who stays on a farm just outside Bloem with her Hubby(Shaun). I have always had a thing for my sis in law as she has always had a hell of a sexy body but after 3 kids has lost a bit of that body but still did it for me. We decided to make a weekend of it so that our kids and their kids could spend time with each other. Anyway we left early the Friday morning went to the doctors office and after a bit of shopping went to the farm. That evening we braaied and enjoyed ourselves and early into bed due to the distance we had travelled. The following day we all went to Bloem for a bit of shopping and returned to the farm on the way back we stopped at my inlaws place so that the kids could say hello to their grandparents. My father in law suggested that the kids stay there and they will bring them out to the farm at about 6pm just before we braai again.

So we left for the farm and it was a typical Free State day very hot, after arriving at the farm house and unpacked the car my brother in law suggested that we take a dip in the dam next to the house. We got changed and dove in and how refreshing was that. Anna had a very nice bikini on and my wife had lent one from her as we had not taken costumes with, it was a bit small as Anna was smaller than my wife, anyway it covered everything barely. I wanted to grab my wife right there, Shaun also looked very interested.

We swam and messed around a bit and wrestled with each other at one stage Shaun accidently pulled at my wife's bikini top and it fell off, he almost drowned himself, Anna decided that her sister cannot have all the fun and took her top off, and wow nice tits. There we were 2 topless ladies and 2 very horny men. Shaun swam over to wife and started to rub her tits, I thought she would withdraw but she just smiled at me, I looked at Anna and she frowned and looked as if she was going say something so I started to rub her tits from behind she froze and looked at Shaun who just smiled and kissed Andrea my wife on the lips. I then realised that here comes a thing. Shaun let his 1 hand move down under the water and I realised what he was doing as Andrea started to really smile, he was fingering her. I was still standing behind Anna and shifted my hand to her bikini bottom only to discover she had already dropped them. My hand slipped into her very slippery and clean shaven pussy and started to finger her while watching Shaun and my wife. Now my wife had not waxed for a while so she had a bit of a bush around her pussy. She climbed out and sat on the edge of the dam with her legs wide open and Shaun started eating her like there was no tomorrow I lifted Anna out and also stared to eat her and it heavenly. We got up and moved to the stoep where there were day beds and got comfortable on them me with Anna and Shaun with Andrea. I was still eating Anna when I heard Andrea gasp I looked up to see her straddling Shauns Cock he was bigger than me. She slid over him and started to ride him. Anna tapped me and its her turn and went onto her hands and knees. So that she could watch Shaun fuck her sister I entered her from behind my was that good. I started slowly building up as my wife got faster on Shauns cock. Eventually we could not take it anymore and came at the same time. Shaun filled my wife and I filled Anna. We fell in aheap and laughed at just happened. Shaun and Andrea went and showered and fuck again and myself and Anna did the same. At 6pm the Inlaws arrived with the kids.

We braaied and during the evening if nobody was looking we catch a feel of our partners. And later that night when all the kids were asleep we carried on. My wife still cannot get over how naturally things happened. but more later.