Written by Jaycee

10 Dec 2012

So, Jay and I have been looking to expand our horizons in our sex life. Don't get me wrong, our sex life is EXTREMELY great, but in the past 3 years we have grown so much as a couple, that we openly share our fantasies, and try to make them true.

Enter Swinging Heaven and "The Lifestyle". It didn't take us long to meet a friend in Bloemfontein -*Sven -who's been in the lifestyle with his lovely wife -*Mia for a good couple of years...

We met Sven one day when we were on route from Kimberley to Bethlehem via Bloemfontein. We were looking for a hot girl to have my first girl on girl action, and heard that Sven would know someone. That day, unfortunately, none of the girls were much to our liking, so we gave it a pass.

Almost a year went by without any contact, and then about 2 weeks ago, we called Sven asking him if there were any parties going on. Long story short, we got invited to a party on the 7th of this month. Anti-climax was though, that the party got cancelled. That didn't stop us from arranging a meeting with Sven and Mia though. See, we were going to travel to Augrabies via Bloemfontein anyway...

Whilst getting ready to leave from Bethlehem, we got very horny. I got dressed in a very short denim mini-skirt and a purple top showing great cleavage.

On our way to Bloemfontein, Jay started caressing the insides of my thighs lightly, causing me to get wet instantaneously.

I adjusted my seat back until I was flat on my back. Jay pulled my legs apart with his left hand and started running his fingers in circular motions around my clit. This part of me responded by swelling lusciously. He slowly worked his way to my G-spot, and with 2 fingers brought me to repetitive ecstasy. I must have came at least 5 times.

Then it was time for me to return the favour...I leaned over, and took Jay's cock out of his shorts (yeah he was wearing shorts. lol). I started licking him, and worked my way to a full blown deep-throat. Jay came my whole mouth full, and I savoured the taste of his warm cum with my tongue as I slowly swallowed everything he gave me.

For the next 100km, I took off my top and bra, and remained topless...much to the admiration (shock and awe if you will) of several passers-by. We passed a silver Audi carrying a single white guy...who was driving like 60km/h in the 120 zone. Jay slowed down, and I got onto the back-seat...giving the slow-poke a proper show whilst looking him right in the eye...smiling. When Jay accelerated back to 140, Mr. Snail was on our tail all the way. LOL

So, once in Bloemfontein, we met Sven and Mia and they took us to this nice little restaurant. We had a chat and all of us got along great. Mia and Jay are both smokers, so they went outside and sat down for a smoke, leaving Sven and I alone inside. On their way out, Jay mentioned my topless adventure on the roadside.

Seeing them sitting outside in intimate conversation –whilst knowing that we are here to play with this couple -awoke something in me. Sven commented that he loves my boobs and that I should do it (the topless drive) more often. The thought that he would be seeing them naked soon stirred something down there…

After dinner, we made our way to their place and they asked us if we would like to join them in the Jacuzzi. We obliged, and went to the dressing room leading to the Jacuzzi. When they started taking off their clothes, I was terrified and exited at the same time. I saw Jay scanning Mia’s naked body, and it really turned me on! Would I actually be playing with this girl tonight? Gosh, I was flushed!

I was suddenly brought back to reality by Sven touching my shoulder: “Don’t be shy. Take off your clothes.” I was stunned. Even though I’ve played on cam a lot of times, I’ve never been in an actual situation with real people involved. Then I looked at Jay –my ever trusting guardian, and he gave me a smile which was telling me it’s ok. He started taking off his clothes slowly, and eventually stood there…naked. This gave me the confidence I needed.

I started taking off my clothes with all three of them watching me intensely. As if I was a queen…no, a goddess…a sex goddess, they stood in parade for me and guided me toward the Jacuzzi. Jay stroked his hand down my back, then as I walked further, so did Sven, and at the Jacuzzi Mia guided me in.

We all got into the Jacuzzi. Jay was very attentive to my body language and must have realized that I was terrified and turned on at the same time. He pulled my leg over his, and started stroking my legs, and then my butt…working his way up to my breasts whilst we were all talking.

We sat in the Jacuzzi talking as if we were all old friends. Sven and Mia really went out of their way to make us feel comfortable. They started giving us tips and guidelines for this lifestyle. Eventually we all got so hot from the Jacuzzi that we got out. We then moved back to the dressing room, and laid down on the beds just talking. OMG how I was wishing Mia would touch me. The problem was though (of which we were oblivious at the time) that they did not want to scare us off, and was waiting for us to make the first move. Eventually Mia had to go, and I felt so disappointed when she had to get dressed before we got to play.

We all went to a club, and they got us 2 private dancers. The second one turned me on more than I've ever been turned on before! She got off her clothes on the table, and mounted herself on Jay while he was caressing her inner thighs, then her legs, then massaging her butt gently. I felt myself dripping from wetness. Then she pulled his face into her breasts, and gave him a proper taste. I thought I was going to melt!

The dancer –an extremely hot girl –then slowly pulled herself back onto the table and turned towards me. My hart stopped beating. She slowly moved down onto my lap. I could feel the piercing in her clit rubbing over my bare legs and short skirt while she brought her lips a millimetre from mine. I tasted her breath...and lost mine. Then she gave me the same taste of her breasts that she did with Jay. OMG! I felt like ripping off my own clothes and taking her right there and then on that table!

After this dance I was as wet as the ocean! Mia couldn't play with us any more due to other obligations, so we decided to meet Sven at another club…hopefully picking up a girl there. Unfortunately, there were no girls to our liking. So, Jay asked Sven if we could use their Jacuzzi again. As if he read my mind, Jay told Sven that I would like an audience.

All 3 of us got undressed, and Sven was sitting outside watching us as Jay and I got in. I climbed on Jay’s lap, and rode him like a pony. The fact that Sven was sitting there right in front of me made me tremble with excitement. Three orgasms later, Jay turned me around into a doggy style position. I was centimetres away from Sven’s cock and Jay was pounding me so hard the waves of the Jacuzzi splashed all over the floor.

Sven leaned over and took the hair out of my face. Then he kissed me. My pussy muscles contracted and I got as tight as a virgin. Then Sven put his thumb in my mouth whilst Jay caressed my breasts with his one hand and used the other to play with my clit. Jay slowly moved his hands down, and got hold of my hips whilst pounding me to my 4th orgasm in this position. Sven looked me in the eyes, and as he started kissing me again, he started to softly twist my nipples.

Jay was playing with my clit with the one hand and caressing my butt with the other whilst pounding me. Sven was kissing me whilst caressing my nipples. I have never had this much attention during sex. The pleasure shot through my body like a twelve thousand volt electrical current!

This orgasm gave me full blown palpitations leaving me next to paralysed. Jay pulled me on top of him as if he wanted me to sit on his lap sideways, and then he folded his arms around me, in a gentle protective manner…just holding me like that with my face in the right side of his neck.

As soon as I stopped trembling, Jay opened up my legs with his left hand, and started playing with my clit again, making regular turns at my G-spot. I was sitting on his lap in the Jacuzzi, with my arms around his neck and my face in his neck. Jay had his right hand under my butt, gently stroking whilst playing with my pussy with his left hand. Then I felt Sven touching my knees, and gently parting my legs.

I dripped inside that Jacuzzi with pleasure. Sven moved his hands slowly up my thighs, and when he reached my pussy, Jay (who had made it clear that Sven should never touch him) stuck to my clit and butt (and to sucking my nipples) whilst Sven put his fingers inside me…gently stroking my G-spot and vulva –paying particular attention to my labia.

This drove me into another dimension!!! I don’t know how many times I came, as this was like an extreme drug trip. (Well, I wouldn't really know what any drug trip feels like, ‘cause I’ve never done them, so lets say like an extreme drunk trip. LOL)

When they were done with me, I couldn't walk. Jay had to pick me out of the Jacuzzi.

Back in our hotel room, we were hornier than ever before! We talked about the dancer and about what had just happened in Sven’s Jacuzzi. I think I rode Jay like 15 times! I have never had that many orgasms on one day…then came Saturday…

On Saturday, we continued our journey to Augrabies, we played the full 700km. I would give Jay a blowjob, followed by him fingering me, followed by us pulling off the road and fucking right there next to the road standing up…me with a skirt on but topless. Jay who is the -deadliest person with a gun that I’ve ever seen -was standing with his CZ75 just in case.

We’d get back into the car, and continue the whole cycle. Once we were booked in at the chalets in Augrabies, we rode each other for hours at an end. Our journey back to Bethlehem on Sunday was no less filled with sexual pleasure.

Even today, we are hornier than any teenagers have ever been! Today alone we must have had sex, oral sex and many other forms of sexual play in excess of 30 times. Just imagine if Mia or the dancer could have played with us as well!!!

We both agree that our goal is still to have a girl -or even better…a couple, but every few minutes one of us start thinking about Friday night. The one who thinks about it, talks about it and then the fireworks start all over again. We've even started indulging in some bondage.

Mia promised that she will play with us the next time we visit Bloemfontein…I can’t wait! Who knows, we might just meet another couple or girl, or even guy before that.

In the meantime, Jay and I will be changing the “Humping like bunnies” phrase for good. From now on it will be: “Fucking like JayCee.” ;)