Written by NoRomantic

08 May 2013

met a playmate at lunch time....

waited naked on bed spreading my legs and touching my pussy, he walked in and gasped/moaned. Immediately putting his tongue in my mouth, his finger finding my clit. bent over me and sucked on my clit...and fuck was it good and worth it

told him to get undressed so I can suck his cock. I took his shaven cock in my mouth, and he came so quick! I took all his cum in my mouth, swirling his cock around in my mouth while he was still sensitive.

he then continued to lick me for a while, sucking on my small clit, spreading my pussy, me gyrating and moaning with pleasure.

I asked him if he could get hard again, so I sucked his cock again..and yay did he get hard!

he asked me "on all fours please", put condom on and fucked me doggy, spreading my ass cheeks to see his cock pounding my pussy.

telling me "you have such a nice pussy to fuck" and me telling him "you like to see your dark cock fuck my pussy don't you? fuck me hard!" he came again, moaning which I love

mmm....LOVE SEX!