Written by BikerChick

12 Jan 2016

I had a playdate last night and it was sooooo good, I just had to share my experience with everyone.

He arrived at about 16:30 yesterday and left just after 22:30. I greeted him at the door with just a T-shirt on. We laid down on the mattress in my living room and we chatted for a while to get acquainted. I told him that he can also take his clothes off, to make him more comfortable. Porn was already playing on my big screen TV and my black curtains were drawn. Perfect scene for a late afternoon fuck.

After chatting a bit, he took his pants off and moved closer to me on the mattress. Nervous I guess. He put his hand on my pussy…touching her slowly. Softly playing with my clit. Watching the expression on my face…listening to me moan with pleasure and enjoying the moment.

Moving his hand lower down to my already wet pussy hole, he pushed his fingers deep inside me. Moving them in and out slowly at first, then faster and harder. It felt so amazing. I put my hand over my hard clit…playing with her. Enjoying the dual stimulation of his fingers deep inside of me and me touching my own clit…I cummed. But it was different somehow. While I was cumming, he fingered me faster and I heard a sound that ive only before heard in sex videos. My pussy was wetter than she’s ever been when I cummed. I was confused…satisfied, but confused. I thought that I’ve pee’d by accident when I cummed. He stopped suddenly and sat back, looking at me, taking in the expression on my face. Not allowing me time to think about what just happened or take a breath, he put his already moist fingers back into my soaked pussy, this time finger fucking me even harder and faster than the first time. It took but a few seconds for me to reach that level of ecstasy once more. I cummed like I’ve never ever cummed before, I couldn’t breathe. Ive never experienced anything like this. I could still hear my own orgasmic screams in my mind, thinking about it. Reaching down and touching my ass, I felt how wet I really was and giggled, surprised. He asked me if im ok and out of breath, I nodded and said “yes I am”. With a smile on my face, I asked what just happened. He said that I squirted. I was totally shocked. He giggled and touched my ass and motioned for me to move over and said “look”. The bed had this huge wet spot, bigger than the size of my hand stretched out. OMG…I cannot believe it. I squirted and I didn’t even know it. He told me that I did the first time aswell, but it was a bit less than the second time around. I was still trying to get my breath back.

We chatted for a little while and as per usual, I got horny very quickly again. I leaned over him, with my face close to his cock and said “may I”. He smiled and said “by all means”. His cock was limp at the time due to us just making normal conversation, but I wanted to feel it grow in my mouth. Licking his cock around the head with my warm tongue tasting his sweet sticky precum, which also leaked over his thigh while we were chatting. Leaning my head lower and pushing his cock deeper into my mouth, I wrapped my lips around his cock. Making my lips tight, to give him that feeling of fucking a warm tight pussy as I suck his now hard cock. Saliva was drooling out of my mouth, onto his cock and over my hand, as my head bobbed up and down, up and down…taking his cock deeper each time. Caressing his balls with my hand…I could hear his breathing getting louder and louder.

Suddenly he pulled my head up and pushed my shoulder, moving me onto my back. Climbing over me and sliding down lower, he kissed my stomach gently…moving down lower still. Feeling his warm breath on my already wet pussy, made my clit jump. Pushing his fingers into my juicy cunt, he kissed my throbbing clit, teasing her with his tongue…sucking. Fingers dug deep into me, hitting just the right spot. I desperately now want to cum. Moaning like an injured animal…begging…craving a warm cock inside of me. He hears my moans and understands them, as only a man could. He knows what I want and what I need. Moving himself up, he pushed his wet rock hard cock into my hungry pussy. What I experience when horny out of my mind like this and a rock hard cock slides into me, can only be described… as starving someone and only allowing them to eat, after a week. All the muscles in my body contract simultaneously… feeling every nerve in my body react… heightening my senses…lust taking over. Grabbing him on his back with both my arms, pulling him deeper inside me, scratching…clawing…FUCK ME…FUCK ME! Oh God yes! Thrusting his hard cock deep into me…faster…harder. I desperately need to cum… Pounding my pussy…juices running down my ass…I could feel the build up to my orgasm was going to be greater than it has ever been before. I cummed…screaming…then stopped breathing…and let out a loud howl like a wolf, with pleasure.

We decided to take a short break just chatting and hydrating ourselves for the next session. While chatting, I do so love playing with a cock, gently touching his balls…cupping them, squeezing and tickling. Taking spit from my mouth with my finger, I put it on his cock head and rub it around the head, slowly, making it smooth and wet…tickling the back of the cock head…arousing him once more.

…………I was on my back and he fucked me hard…but I just couldn’t reach the climax point. The more I cum, the more intense it gets and the harder it becomes for me to cum. I asked him if I can turn around and he fuck me doggy style. He agreed. During the time that I was in the doggy style position, he made me cum no less than 4 times in a period of about 8 minutes. We did play in between sessions and I cummed, but did not squirt again…Im not sure why. Might it be because I went to pee before each playing session after the first two? I just don’t know. But I can tell you one thing…what I experienced…I want again!

This morning I messaged him, asking if he has any idea as to how many times I cummed last night. He said he has no clue and neither do i. If I actually have to guess as to how many times, I would say round about 10. This wasn’t a good fuck…it was a great fuck…a memorable one!