Written by Rline

22 Aug 2018

Well we chatted for a while and got to know each other quite well. Husband always wanted his wife to experience a dark head inside her wet white shaven pussy.

She was reluctant but trusted me to an extent as opposed to others. I always fantasize about her but did not want to be that pushy guy cause I really treasured her friendship. However we were asked to meet on a few occasions and due to the busyness of life and family never got to for about two years.

She had this hot sexy body full figure and busty with that awesome skin that a guy as myself or generally dark skinned men would love ❤️.

So this one weekend I was at work night shift in sandton busy with some work which I was going to complete and just chat on site until the morning. Husband was gone out on business and she and kids where at home so never really expected a meeting.

Every time I thought or spoke to her about her needs and about her satisfaction as a lady I grew hard and veiny. So at that point we chatted a few minutes about stuff and she said how she wished she had some hard cock that night was so wet and wished on it. So they always played with a big black dildo I got as a gift for her. She was reluctant at first but some time back got it delivered to them. So it was a toy she grew to like. However at that point in moment she said she wanted a real hard cock not mentioning black but just some hard thick cock to play inside her shaven wetness. So husband messages me and asks if I can leave the office for a while and just meet her at home cause this was late and she was sure the kids where asleep so I quickly reacted and said yes I could cause I was chatting with her and by now just imagining what she was like wet and playing with that veiny black dildo. She was very naughty but never a lady to send nude pictures or videos which I respected and sometimes wished it was different. So she and husband spoke about it private and decided we should just meet for a drink at their place first. So we all agreed on just meeting for a drink while husband was away on business that night and we both trusted each other cause we built a relationship over time as good friends. Anyway I drive from sandton to about 50km into the night hard and still thinking about her and having sexual thoughts throughout the drive and trying to concentrate on the Navigation to find the home. Eventually after about almost an hour I arrived. Waiting at the gate for her to open she eventually does and sneaks me in the room. We chat and as she opens her gown in notice her naked under those nighties and my cock was now at the extreme point of hardness try to act like a gentlemen and also hide my hard black cock. She knew I was horny and sat at angle to which I could see her body and sexy parts flash me out. Eventually we decided to play and husband was wanting us to video call so he could watch her take her first thick piece of meat ....

To be continued....