11 Mar 2017

This 30 year old from another continent started chatting on a site .And as usual went over to whats app .

Conversation was nothing exceptional .Hello hottie when can we meet .

This went on for a week eventually

We decided my place as he is in a hotel with couple of friends from Europe

He asked for 3 sum .no buster i dont share .

He was to.arrive in a uber 10.30 as he and the male friends were going mountain climbing .

He arrived about 12 .Sorry late .

He was a bit hyper active which is a sign of something .

He undressed and was on the bed before you could say shazam

Lying there blonde hair sunburned body as lean as can be .

I took my time undressing as this is foreplay .

He helped with the bra . I protected my bed for any eventuality .

Glad i did .

Little finger play and the condom was put in place .

I bent over which was his request and he plunged into me .

Next thing i felt this warm liquid all over .

He couldnt contain himself .

So i go to do my ablutions next thing hes pretending to read a sms which i never heard .

He has to go as they have to change rooms (puke a stupid lie )

Not for a minute did i believe him .

His taxi was waiting outside with his pals .Going mountain climbing.

I said ive heard all these types of stories .I hate liars .

So few days later i whats app and he goes on line .he says hi hottie

I blocked him as he was typing .

Mission completed from his side .Had a 75 year old .Wow wonder where that got him .