Written by Kelz2009

27 Jan 2013

I was browsing the site and met this couple. The wife chatted to me a few times and she made me hard everytime we communicated cause I kept referring her chat to the pics I saw of her. The couple at first only want to chat with couples but I assured them that they could have better fun with me or she would ofcourse. So we decided to meet for coffee on a saturday afternoon at a mall. Anyway I was scared and also excited cause this was my first time ever meeting a swinging couple. At 3pm I arrive at the mugg and bean thinking that they would be there already unfortunately not. My mind kept telling me that they were not going to show up since it was past 3pm now. The waiter approaches me wanting to know if I'd like a drink and I agreed on a bottomless hot choc. As I looked towards the entrance from were I sat, my eyes were drawn towards this woman who wore this mini skirt and holding a guys hand. They were facing their backs towards me trying to locate as to were I was seated. As she turned around I saw her face and my heart was now pounding and I justed waved and she saw my hand and smiled. The two approached the table and we hugged each other. I sat accross her as I watched her sit next to Shaun and fold her legs, it was so beautiful I just wanted to touch them but kept my cool lol. They order some drinks and I ordered some treats. Her toes were painted pink with white tips and she wore high heels. We spoke about ourselves,careers their kids etc. It was now 4:30pm. I was now comfortable with their company making some jokes and Sandra smiled at them all and I could see that she was friendly but reluntant at times maybe cause of Shaun. 5:30pm and I said it was nice meeting them and that I think I must leave but then Sandra asked Shaun if I could come home since they planned a braai for the evening. I was not in the mood or up for a braai, I thought to myself 'O NO'. Shaun agreed and she asked me to come over and I paused for a moment just to think about it, just then she dropped her fork on the floor beside me and asked if I could pick it up, as I bent down infront of me were her legs opened and she had no panties and I saw this gorgerous pink clean shaven pussy. She quickly then folded her legs and I came up to pass the fork and agreed instantly to go with them. We reached their home about 6:30pm and braaied and had a fairly good time socializing. After we ate and cleaned up we then sat in the lounge and spoke, Shaun and I chatted,Sandra got some drinks and sat next to me crossing her legs and her feet were on my leg. Shaun left and she leaned over and kissed my lip and bent down in front of me. I was wordless but calm she then opened my belt and jean button pulling my hard cock out to lick my tip. I was like 'O YEA', she then took my entire jean off and sucked me all over and taking my big hard cock down her throat, it felt so awesum. By now I was rock hard she threw herself on the sofa, I then held her by the legs and pulled her forward lifting her skirt and kissing her feet and legs approaching her pussy with my tongue slow. I finally got to it,wet juicy,sucked it gently and stuck my tongue in it only to hear her moan with pleasure. My finger was in stroking as i kept lick her 'WOW IT WAS SOOO... GOOD'. I ripped off her top pulling her closer and rubbing my dick head against her clit just dipping my head in and out. I dnt know Shaun was behind me against the wall watching. I then pulled her firm against me and filled her gently with my cock and she was like 'ahoa' and I kept stroking her gently in and out until she bit my chest and came, I then went back down just to taste her come. She then came on me and guided my cock in her as she rode me gently till her pussy gripped onto my cock and then rode me hard deep and steady while i tasted her breast and held her ass in position, she came to my ear and whispered 'do you like me fucking you'. I stood up while I was in her and pulled my dick out and bent her over and opened her legs sticking my hard dick in her from behind and pounded her pussy, she screamed with pleasure and I quickly pulled my cock out and asked her to suck me and she amazing sucked me I sprayed her face and mouth with thick sperm and she licked it all and kept sucking my dick until we both just layed there naked looking at Shaun's smile. I then dressed myself and we had a drink and decided to be in contact more often. As I went home I could only think about my first experience and already looking forward to another. All I could say was 'DAM THAT WAS FUCKN GOOD'