Written by Louid

10 Jun 2015

This just actually happend moments ago, me and my feyonce went out earlier tonight just for "one" drink not planning anything. After a few shots she got a bit horny, so I wispered in her ear that she should find someone to give her a good fuck in the restroom, the only guy she could find was about twice her age. She is 25 and he must be in his late 50's, shes always been telling me how older guys turn her on and has never been fucked by someone older than me and im 29. She started flirting with him, him buying her drinks. And later they sat down away from me and the other people in the bar, there must have been about 8 people in total, I saw them kissing and not long after they sneeked away to the ladies restroo, her winking at me when they passed me. I got so horny I nearly blew my load right there, I got so hard my cock started to hurt. About 2 hours later she came out came to me and told me we can leave he is exhausted still in the ladies room.

We went home, she was excited to tell me the details but I told her she should wait until we are in bed. We got home went straight for bed, she got completely undressed in this damn cold got on her nees and pulled my wet hard cock out my pants and started licking the tip. She told me for an old guy he gave her the fucking of her life and she came twice and he came all over her tits which are 34d nice and big breasts, she told me he fucked her slowly and then fucked her brains out. I got so horny I threw her on the bed and wet my finger and started fingering her ass while she told me the details, I slowly started fucking her ass and not long after shot my load hard up her ass, one of the biggest orgasms I ever had. She promised me that we would do this more often and I cant Fucking wait!