Written by garfield_kzn

01 Jul 2014

long time since I visited adult world in Durban so I decided to go check it out again

there were a few guys there wandering around and some sitting checking movies

the gay movies had most guys with some wanking a stiff cock

I saw a couple buying toys and walked closer

he suggested they go test it in a booth

she giggled and looked quite shy ..but he convinced her to go

they got a movie and went into a private booth

I quickly paid for the booth next to them as I know they are not soundproof

I could hear they were very horny and soon got to test the vibrator

she was clearly in heaven with it and became louder as the time went on

I leant against the wall to get a better hearing of the action

as I did so a part of the timber wall moved leaving a clear view into their booth

she was sitting on the small table legs apart while he had the toy on her clit

she leaned back showing a nice firm pair tits

I had me face right against the wall to see all of this

she saw me and said to him...we have a visitor....

he carried on teasing her wet pussy

I couldn't hold it and took me cock out starting a slow wank

she could see my cock as I pushed the wood further open

she rocked to her 1st orgasm when he fingered her soppy pussy

she still looked at my cock and showed me to get it closer to the gap

I could only get the head of my cock closer to her

she stood on her knees on the chair and he positioned himself behind her for a full on doggy fuck

she started to suck me as he started to push deeper in her now sloppy wet cunt

wow she was hot

she took us both to cloud 9 and back

I shot my load into her mouth which she sipped with gusto

he also let go deep in her pussy

after we got dressed I quickly slipped out and stood near my car to see them outside

she had a short mini on and ruffled hair now

only us 3 knew of that great fuck and suck session

unfortunately they got into a CA registration car and left

dam that was hottt