Written by highclassmaneuver

09 Dec 2015

My girlfriend of 9 years and I decided to go into an open relationship recently. So far its been a very interesting ride for both of us.

She has been chatting to this guy from tinder quite a bit and I can tell she really likes him from all the smiling she does at her phone. She met up with him for the first time last Sunday and they had an excellent first meet up, resulting on them watching the city from Signal Hill (a city lookout spot) and doing some feeling up in the back seat. They made out for a while and she tells me she he so gently caressed her breasts while kissing and sucking her neck. Her hands started to wonder down and undo his pants where here face eventually followed. Should could only suck him for so long until her mouth started to get sore. She told me that he is much bigger than me and she could not keep up. They decided to go to dry humping where she could feel his cock throbbing against her clit. She eventually came home at 3am with hickies all over her neck and nipples.

Its Wednesday today and I woke up with a boner thinking that she was going to go to his place tonight. Normally we go for a little morning glory to start the day but today she said "No" to me and that she wanted to save her tight pussy for her meet up later tonight. Just yesterday she went for a sexy wax session and today she painted her toes all for meeting up with him. I even ended up helping her choose which underwear to wear. Before she left I managed to give her sweet pussy a kiss goodbye.

Now im typing this, giddy with excitement for her to come back so I can get the sloppy seconds :D