Written by Soldaat

22 Mar 2014

And so the in laws decided to come and visit one weekend after our outing to Bloem. They arrived the friday afternoon and we decided to go and eat at the Spur. After dinner we were back at home and the ladies put the kids to bed, I lit a fire in the fire place on the stoep and opened a bottle of wine for us. We sat chatting about the weekend in Bloem and how everything seemed to happen so natuarally. The ladies had put on their bikinis as it was warm outside and wanted to take a dip in the pool. I put the tv on and we were watching the first super rugby matches. When the ladies got out and came to sit by us Andrea by me and Anna by Shaun. We drank some wine talked abit again about the ladies. Shaun said how luvly Andrea's pussy was and that he had always wanderd what it would taste like and that he had enjoyed that weekend. Andrea said she had really luved his big cock in her. All this talking about sex was having its toll on us and I started to finger Andrea through her bikini, she slipped it off and spread her legs so everyone got an eyefull.

Mean while Anna went down on Shaun and was giving a excellent BJ. With her bum towards me and Andrea, Andrea was stroking my cock witch was by now rock hard. I turned her over and took her doggie style while watching Anna suck Shaun, after a couple of strokes I withdrew from her walked over to Anna removed her bikini bottom and fucked her from behind it didn't take long before she came and shortly afterwards I came shooting my load deep in her. Andrea had in the mean time moved next to Shaun who was eating her pussy, after Anna had cum and left his rock hard cock he laid Andrea on her back and started to fuck her hard. While Shaun was busy fucking her I CONTINUED to finger Anna to a shaking orgasm.

Afterwards we finished the wine went to cleanup and shower and to bed as we were well spent.

The next was spent in town walking around and shopping. At the one shop I met a buddy of mine and his wife who invited us to braai and watch rugby at his place, a small plot outside the town that evening. We accepted.

At 4pm we went out to the plot, the kids enjoyed themselves playing on the grass while the adults sat around and chatted. We were 5 couples and 2 single guys all of us knew each other the ladies all had kids and they all had different bodies, one mom still had a figure of a 18 year old as she was a gym teacher her name was Michelle she was hot and had a mini on that left little to the imagination. Paula was plump with huge breasts and Nikki was at 46 the eldest lady but had a nice figure. The men were in various shapes and sizes. Michelles husband Pa was short and had a boep, Nikki's husband Anton was short and well built, Paula's husband Sean was of average height and build. The 2 singles were the youngest of the group and were well built rugby players. As the evening progressed so the wine started to kick in and the ladies started to relax the children had started to pass out in the tv room.

While outside things got interesting the ladies with the cheers of the men decided to hold a wet tshirt competition wich Paula won hands down, she surprised everyone and stripped after leaving the pool showing her beautiful plump body to all her pussy was neatly trimmed. One of the sngle guys walked up to her calmly and started to kiss her tits and finger her pussy much to the amazement to us all. The next moment Andrea and Anna were naked and helped Andy to pleasure Paula. Andy turned Paula around anx started to fuck her with Andrea and Anna playing with her tits. We stripped and the fun really began. I went and started on Nikkie who had a very very hot body for age.

But more of that later......