Written by garfield_kzn

11 Jun 2014

travelling in Europe was an eye opener to the land of real swinging

this website has thousands of members in Europe

I looked for some dogging places and found a lot

I decided to visit friends out of London in a smallish town

the idea was to go and look at the advertised dogging site on the way

I couldn't find the place as sign boards are not good in rural England

I saw a sign to a local pond area and turned in there

it was very foresty looking with a big pond

there were a number of cars parked

all the folk were walking dogs or jogging etc

I got out and walked around a bit

it looked like a good dogging spot

after dinner I made excuses to leave early back

I went straight to the pond

it was quite spooky and dalk

but I saw a light at the end of the parking and drove closer with my car lights off

I stopped and got out quietly

in the parked car was a brunette on the back seat sitting ona guy

the car light inside was on

in the front was another man sitting ..taking pics of the 2 in the back

I could see she was topless and he grabbed her tits

she rode him like mad and were loud with her grunts and groans

I walked closer but stood on some dry branches in the dark

they stopped and the front guy came out to see whats up

I apologised for being there

she shouted for him to take me closer

after questioning me she told me to get in the back which I eagerly did

she continued to ride the guy and showed me to such her tits

she unzipped my pants and got my cock out

this was hot

the front guy said to me it was his wife's birthday and she wanted to fuck a stranger

the other guy was also picked up there by him

he shot his load in her when she came loud

she got off him and told me to fuck her doggy style

she turned on her knees and I entered her from behind

she bucked backwards for me to enter her hard

I fucked like never before as she rubbed her clit underneath

she came twice when I couldn't hold it longer and came deep inside her hot pussy

the hubby gave us each a beer as we got our breaths back

not long after she sucked us both hard again

wow she was like an animal

we fucked her again..this time on her back on the bonnet ..legs wide open

I didn't mind hubby taking pics as I was in neverland

we all came big time

she kissed us goodbyes and off we drove

I will look for real dogging places in rsa in future