02 Oct 2015

never knew coffee could lead to hot sexx ....

so there I was , early for a work meeting ...pop into a well known coffee and burger place . I sat down with my coffee and over a newspaper observed a lady walk in .. she sat opposite me and started to fiddle with her laptop . Damm dam... she said . I cpould see she was frustrated with this piece of modern tecno . I smiled . sorry she said ..didn't meant to be loud . I said its ok ..whats wrong . she said she had to do an excel spreadsheet but couldn't save a certain document . I asked if I could help . she brought the laptop and sat next to me . I couldn't but help to notice the legs . o dam I thought ... het pencil skirt was quite high . I looked up and she smiled ..knowingly . I helped her and we could get her document saved . thanks ..big thanks she said and gave me a smack kiss . jeeee ...I blurted . wish I can help you more ..if that is the pay . she smiled ...and asked what time is my meeting ., I stuttered an hour . she got up and asked ..sort of ordered me to follow her . she showed me a block of flats nearby ..that's my sisters she said . I got the keys while she is overseas . I followed like a lamb to the slaughter . no words said ..until we entered . she turned and pressed me against the dining table . kissing me ..we explored . as im tall I could stand next to the table . we swopped places and she lay back onto the table . the skirt up high now ..exposing a supa thin g string barely covering a trimmed pussy . I just had to let my tongue glide in there . pulling the panty aside ...I licked slowww . her clit was swollen to throbbing size . she was sooo ready . I opened my zip and my poor cock was free at last . she pulled it closer to her spurty mouth . heavennn as she sucked the head . pushing me away she turned around with her butt high and bending over the table fuck me hard she breathed . well I just rammed it in her soppy wet pussy . we fucked and rammed like 2 bunnies . she was a screamer . and boy did she blurt out when she came . I was in fuck frenzy mode and let rip with my load deep in her . we grinded like that till we fell onto the big woolly carpet . not giving me much time to recover ..she got on top . rubbing her own clit as she rode me we came again . mmmmm . we got dressed and she gave me her business card . wow national director of a big company ..from nearby city . needless to say .. we had a couple of '' coffee sessions '' after that . when ever her hubby went overseas -- I went to help her '' spread sheet ...or should that be ..spread her legs for me ..on the sheet ?? blisss orgasm land .