Written by Anneke

04 May 2012

Right I and he broke it off. Just unresolved issues and not having time for each other... But darn!!! We hit it off in bed like mad... even after 2 years of being in a committed relationship. We broke all ways of communication. 5 years later. I and some friends went to this farm on Ellisras right on the border of Botswana. We got wasted the one day and decided to go and see what kind of people were in the other huts around our camp!!!! GEUS WHO I SAW IN THE CAMP RIGHT NET TO OURS???? My ex!!! We did not go to say hallo to them. Instead I and my girlfriend got all worked up on how to surprise him!

So that night we went back to their camp as we knew that the people went on a game drive and he did not go with. We sat outside and giggled like two stoned school girls as we did not really know what we tended to do! And then the outside shower light went on. I knocked on the door and he thought it was his friends that were back from their drive. He opened the door and I swooped in and started to kiss him! Boy was he surprised. Whiles kissing and rubbing up on his awesome hot wet body my friend came in and told him to just relax. We started kissing and before we knew it we were naked and standing hands to the wall... That was so thee most amazing sex I’ve ever had.

Next morning we saw him leave with his