Written by Easyplay

15 Jan 2013

I just had the best evening of my life. My sister asked me to pick her son up at his friends house.I arrived at there house and knocked on the door, the friends mother opened after sumtime. She and her hubby was in there late 40`s and me 22. She came to the door wearing only a blouse which made her looking insanely hot, her blouse was showing the tip of her vagina and I culd see her nipples through the top. She then told me that the two boys went out to watch a movie but will be back soon and showed me through to the tv room. After about 10 min her hubby arrived and not knowing that I was there and she not telling him. He then led her into ther bedroom wher he just started undressing her and I coud see from wher I was sitting. He started liking her pussy and she was getting very hot as she saw me looking and pointed to me to ssshhh. She then laid him down and got on top of him backwards and started riding him backwards watchn me rub my cock. She then got off him and walked straight to me and started to suck me, her hubby walked in and got such a shock but left her. I then fuked her soo good and hubby just watched. Afterwards they thanked me and said that no1 should ever know. I would love to do that again with another couple.