Written by garfield_kzn

13 May 2014

Austria how wonderful . snow . misty mountains . log fires . glue wine . my first visit to europe and there I was at the foot of the Alps . the hotel was a cosy family run one with 30 rooms . being used to the sa sun it was strange to have sun and snow at the same time there . my friends were not interested in visiting the hotel spa . for them the pub was enough .

I ventured into the spa area with trepidation . oops the signboard said '' nakt bereicht '' this is nude area . I slipped off my jogger and help the gown a bit closer . but to enter the sauna you leave the gown outside . I was first in . phew lucky me . with time a few people came in . all greeted in german . I noticed a couple in their 30s . she had short spiky hair with a tattoo or 2 . perky nipples stood proud as she sat down . he was quite lanky built . I noticed that they were both shaved . I sat for 10min and then got out to have a cold shower and rest . after 30min I go back in for ano session .

this time it was only me and this couple . I can speak a few german words and we exchanged greetings etc . she came to lie close to me on the lower bench . sweat pearls were dripping from her boobs and thighs . she opened her legs to rub the sweat . her pussy were glistening and swollen lips were very visible .

he also came closer to her and put a hand on her boobs squeezing her nipples . she looked at me and saw that my erection could not be hidden anymore . smiling she opened her legs even further and teased her clit with a finger .

well she had 2 hard cocks now on attention . she leaned forward to get his cock into her mouth . he other hand pulled to my side and cuddled my cock . he showed me to get closer to her which I eagerly did . she was getting very aroused and moved her hips upwards for her pussy to be wide open . my tongue darted straight for her clit .

I sucked on her stiff and pulsating clit rose bud .

she was getting close to cloud 9 . he showed me to put 2 fingers in . slowly I glided fingers in . she was bucking so wildly they kept slipping out . I forced them hard into her jetting her to cumm and squirt over me . she gussed female cum like ive never seen before . she showed me to sit on the bench and came straddling my ever erect cock . riding me hard she rock forward again to get him access to her rear . they were clearly used to this position as he eased his cock into her ass . she rocked forward and backwards letting us 2 slide deep in her . I felt my orgasm closer and I rammed even harder into her wet pussy . gripping me with her nails by the shoulder she creamed her multi orgasm and we all 3 came . my cock juice shot spurt for spurt .

I could imagine the snow melting outside after that . we lay there exhausted for a while . they promised to be back the next day for more . sadly my friends wanted to go skiing and I was the only one to drive the rented car . I missed the couple as we returned very late to the hotel .

grumpy I went up to my hotel room .

I slammed the door and threw my bag on the floor . a giggle brought me back to life again . for ...on my bed were the couple ..naked under the blanket . they have bribed the porter to open my room for them pretending to be friends coming for a surprise birthday party .

and ...so ..the snow melted yet again ...

till next time...