Written by Funpeople

17 Sep 2012

It all started on Sunday night to be precise. After months of scanning and searching for the rite couple ,a couple that can excite us can turn us into the nymphos that we r and a couple that can bring out all the lust and excitement our minds can create .we thought it would never happen. We thought that most cplS here are pic collectors and freaks. Men posing as cplS just to collect pics. Well , we were finally proven wrong. We r also from Durban so it's diff to find the " rite " people here. But oh how wrong we were. So so wrong.

It started on Sunday nite just a few hours before our meeting. Met this guy from a cpl and we started chatting after seeing his profile. We exchanged cell nos and then we proceeded to SMS each other. That carried on for a few hours and we exchanged pics etc etc. we then set a morning date to meet in a very public place. It was all well until the morning when we tried to make contact. He didn't respond. It was so typical of all the loosens here. After SMS after SMS he finally responded as he started his day late. We set to meet at this public place and to our surprise they pitched. They both looked stunning and sexy and they immediatly appealed to us. Sexy just as us.

We then proceeded by cars to a more quiter safer venue away from prying eyes to a nearby car park. It was dead quiet there. We all chatted together and we spoke about our experiences etc etc and how there was so many fakes here. After a bit of chit chat we all got into the back of my range rover and we started to flirt. We all wanted to just watch each other and get turned on. We all got so hot in the moment and so pleased that we finally met a couple that appealed to us that we became more adventurous. My lady never ever pursues another cock but she felt so honey that she started sucking this guy that we just me like 45 minutes earlier. He was hot. His lady also so hot and hornet started to do the same thing. She was deep throating me and I almost shot my load in her beautiful mouth at wich point I had to stop her. She was hot as hell. Both ladies had there tops of and we were all exploring all over with our hands and mouths. It was awesome.

We then swooped places again and back to our partners and this cpl watch my lady finishe me of and swallow it all in. They then started with each other and then it happened. She gave her man this amazing blowjob. Never seen anyone suck as passionate as she did. She deep throated him until he came in her mouth as wel. We all loved the moment. It was what we spend so much time looking for. Us 2 sexy ppl and them 2 clean and very sexy ppl as well flawless great body's all over the back of my range rover. What an amazing start to the week. We then went our separate ways and are now planning for another meet on wed. We now might want the rite guy to join us. What a morning.