Written by BigBadSexyWolf1980

18 Aug 2016

Somewhere in 2005 I met this girl online and I didn't know what to expect exactly, it was the early years of online dating and the one thing I do know is that she was really good at writing. About all kind of topics she would write to the point and with humour, I liked that. After a while of sending around e-mails to each other it was time to meet eachother in real life. We agreed to meet somewhere and the first moment I saw her I scanned her body and she had a nice slim posture, twinkling blue eyes and actually fairly nice lips, sort of bigger lips than 'average'. We shaked hands and after an hour of walking in the city and having seen the nice canals of the city of Utrecht we decided to visit her home. We were having fun and talking about all kinds of subjects and when I saw her student room with all kinds of happy colors I could see a reflection of her personality in there. An optimistic girl who does what she wants and much more girly as to say than my at that time ex girlfriend.

After having a nice student dinner we hadn't touched each other yet, but actually within the few hours we were together that day you could feel something was going on there. We were sitting on her bed and actually were quiet for a while, but we did look at each others eyes and there was a strange thing going on in the air, as if her eyes told me that I needed to do something or perhaps my eyes did the same. Till that point I was thinking about that I wanted to kiss her, but was hesitating too much. Then suddenly I thought; what do I have to lose, we are here for dating and it seems we are already having quite some fun today, why not end this day with a kiss? So, after all doubts I started to give her a kiss and she liked it, didn't take long or we were in a kissing mood, but I had to leave quick now so that I could catch the last train. Nothing more happened.

But, we decided that we should meet again quickly because we liked each other so much already. The next week I came back to her student room and this was the first night I would stay with her. We did some kissing in the evening and light cuddling but nothing more. Later that evening we had to go to bed, because you know, you need some sleep. After being in bed for just five minutes we were again cuddling because we couldn't resist each other. I started kissing again, she on her back and I put myself on top of her in a missionary like position because I wanted to be able to kiss her in an intimate way more and being more close to each other, but we still had our underwear on. After a while I got quite a hard boner and she could feel that too. I couldn't hide it of course, but I was not directly having plans on going completely naked. She on the other hand had other plans. So we slowly removed our underwear, but while doing that I noticed that she was completely shaven down there. It was my first experience with a girl with a nice and tight shaven pussy.

She started talking to me about whether you can have sex with someone who you just only know for a week or that you should wait for a longer period. I told her that we should decide it together when we want to have sex, but it turned out that she was in for some first time sex. I kept kissing her neck, ears and her mouth and soon after having agreed that we would have sex there was one issue and that's the requirement of a condom. Luckily she just had just had a magazine with a free condom - what a coincidence - that would perfectly suit this moment. She grabbed the condom from the magazine and this was also the first time she touched my hard dick to put the condom on it. That went quite smoothly, so then the next sort of action for me was naturally to have sex in missionary because that's how it started. Nope, she was not into missionary. She turned around on her knees and put her ass in the air with her arms in her front and her legs a little bit spread. Let me tell you that I hadn't done doggy style before and this was a totally new experience for me. The view on itself was like heaven, this girl in front of me with her blonde hair hanging down.

Her smooth skin and her back arched and knowing that she is waiting for you to enter her from behind. Also seeing that shaven pussy and her tight ass hoping and waiting for some good pleasure I couldn't resist long to start pleasuring her and myself. I slowly positioned myself behind her and tried to see what her reaction would be if my dick was touching her pussy from behind. She liked it. I moved my body closer to her ass and pussy so the head of my dick could massage the borders of her pussy a bit. She got totally crazy while I wanted to build it up. She was begging for me to have her pussy filled with my hard dick to get this filled up feeling. I thought, why am I prolonging this and why don't I shove my dick inside her? I was convinced to go further and I pushed my dick with more pressure in her pussy and I felt my dick slipping inside her pussy. First my head went in, then a few centimeters more. But my dick was still quite visible, how deep could I go? I pushed my dick more inside and while doing that I heard her moaning already that she really liked this feeling.

Because she didn't complain I continued pushing my dick further in her pussy until my dick was completely in till my balls and my belly touched her ass. I was completely in her and I really liked that tight feeling of her. From then on instinct took over and I grabbed her ass and slowly pulled out my dick till the head and again was this moaning from her. So, this is how doggy feels, this is the best feeling and view of the world. My dick was still in with the head, but because I had grabbed her ass firmly I had good control over her body and her ass and how I wanted her body and pussy to grab round my dick. I again pulled her ass back to me and her tight shaven pussy completely covered my dick again. I was so horny at that moment that I increased the speed my dick went in and out, everytime harder and harder.

My grip on her ass also increased because I wanted to pump more and more deep into her pussy and I wanted her to moan more and more. I felt an increase of tension in my body and my balls were getting more swollen and swollen. This girl has to learn a lesson who is the one who controls her and is going to fill her up. I couldn't hold it anymore after a few minutes and I decided to do some last firm thrusts to finally release all my cum inside of her, although be it with a condom still at that moment. I totally forgot where I was on the world and the feeling is almost undescribable. When I was done I removed my dick from her pussy and enjoyed the view of her shaven pussy and she standing there on her knees and her arms watching me with a big smile that she wanted to do this many many more times. This was only our second date and it was already so fullfilling, I have more stories to tell, but I have no idea if my writing style is interesting enough...