Written by J

05 Jun 2018

My wife got a surprise at the adult store. So we did our usual round trip to our favorite adult store hoping to get some new exciting toys, porn and maybe even check out the back again. My wife has grown fond of occupying the back room.

However Thursday was probably not the best of days to pick as it was cold and somewhat close to end of the month which usually means everyone goes on the Friday or Saturday.

We went in wife as usual somewhat casual except for the long coat. We weren’t alone there were some other people there and as always we were greeted by the lady behind the desk. I was browsing and my wife was too she usually makes some eye contact and then once we have found something to look at off we go!

I saw my wife behind the shelves at the back where a lot of the more hardcore dvds are. There was a biggish guy there as well. My wife was there looking and looking so I browsed on my side. When I looked back she wasn’t there but the guy was still there I figured she’s looking at the bottom shelf dvds. I wondered over and was met by a massive surprise. There in the store was my wife sitting on her haunches and the guy had his cock out on display slightly playing with it but hardly noticeable. Fuck I wasn’t expecting that the guy didn’t even look alarmed and my wife was giggling like a school girl. I had a double take when I actually noticed the size of this guys cock. It was semi hard but looked pornstar big. He winked at me and my wife just smiled that smile. I knew we were going to the back. Away went his cock and up went my wife.

We paid and walked to the back. She held my hand we walked into the stall and I closed the door. My wife was just saying “Wow I hope he follows ?” “Did you see it, I was just looking at dvds and then when I turned he had it in his hand”. We were kissing and grooping each other like to teenagers I had her coat off and dress hiked up and as usual g string to the floor. She dropped to her knees pulling my raging hardon out. Sucking my cock and licking my balls. We heard a noise and there through the hole is that big dick. I am a serious watcher and get off watching my wife. She is my pornstar. The guys dick is semi hard but looks even bigger. My wife tue s to it and gives the head a lick it twitches a bit then she grips it and starts sucking and jerking. I sit back and watch as she tries to squeeze more into her mouth. She smiles and laughs a nervous laugh as the guys dick is now massive and hard as rock. He must be close to 25cm and that’s through a hole in the wall. The guys behind th wall which happens to be English asks her “ can a touch your pussy?” My wife turns her hot butt to the wall and I see his hand there no sooner and his fingers are in her pussy. He comments about her smooth hairless pissy. He tells her to finger herself and I see him peeping through the hole. He rubs his wet fingers over her pussy and ass my wife is in a state of bliss. I am not longer jerking off for fear that I will Cum. “Then the guy asks do you want to fuck it?” My wife starts backing her butt up against the wall. I had to remind her about protection. The guy luckily has because well we don’t have that will fit that dick without tearing easily. Even his condom only covers some of his shaft. My wife backs up spreading her pussy she rubs the head against her wet lips and he pushes in. Her face gives crunches a bit but he is in and she is moving slowly back and forth. I put my cock in her mouth. Fuck it’s hot. She is gasping a little I try to play with her butt from above but she says I must wait a bit. She pulls forward completely and looks back at the cock. I thought something was wrong ! She plays with her pussy lips a bit them leans back and rams that cock in! She keeps still and he also doesn’t move then she rocks back and forth. I am squeezing her tits and nipples my cock is out of her mouth somewhere by her ear but I am encapsulated by everything going on. She tells him don’t cum tell me when you want too. I can hear her pussy is wet and she has organismed a few times already as the condom is white with her juices. Big dick suddenly talks again and says I am very close. Wifey turns around pulls the condom off gives him a bit more of a bj and then jerks him likes a crazed banshee. He groans loudly and explodes an amount of cum second to none it actually hits my wife in the face neck and tits. She continues to jerk him and he just goes semi again. She gives his head a good suck and says we will be here again next week. He just says “Thank you I will cum again, excuse the pun”. I know a lot of people can’t explain it or put it in words but these acts of lusting sexual freedom by my wife of 10 years get me off. I wanted to fuck her after but she says she pushed to hard and she is a bit sore but she will suck me off.