Written by Mike

02 Oct 2014

It was a Saturday night, fairly normal except I was on my way to a swingers meet and greet evening without any expectation other than to have a good time with like minded people. I walked into the venue and made my hellos, seems like I was the any single guy there, looks like the odds are against me. Soon things got started and everyone was chatting and saying hello, I started walking around trying to make a good first impression. Soon I was talking to this nice couple, basic greeting and a bit about myself. I was a little disappointed when they said they were moving on until I heard him say I should talk come back if I’m interested in taking things further. I was hooked watching her walk away, the slight sway in her ass inviting me in. I decided to give it a moment, chat around and see if I could make another good impression but in the back of my mind was thinking of that couple.

About an hour latter i made my way back, chatting getting to know them and swapping stories. Soon the subject got to play time and it wasn't long before the idea of hooking up around the corner and getting to know each other a little better. I tried not to look too excited, I really wanted to but I also didn't want to blow my chance by getting over eager.

Soon it was time to call it a night, he leaned in and said there is a gas station just up the road, meet us there in 5 minutes. I couldn't believe my luck, I was just looking to meet some nice couples and have some fun but I never imagined that much fun. I waited around nervously, making small talk and trying not to make it too obvious I really wanted to leave. As soon as 5 minutes had passed I quickly said goodnight to everyone and drove to the garage. I saw their car parked to the side and I pulled in behind them. Slowly I walked up to the driver’s window but he stopped me and said to climb in the back. I opened the door and I saw her sitting in the back, looks like things are going to get very interesting.

As soon as I was sitting down we pulled off to find a quiet spot to play, her hand was immediately on my thigh stroking me. I soon returned the favor and we were slowly working each other up. My one hand was working itself up her thigh getting closer to its goal, the other slowly circling her breasts. Soon I couldn't hold myself back and I was lifting her dress as she lifted her dress and soon she was left in nothing but her thong. I couldn't wait to get my mouth on her nipples and soon I was licking and sucking them to a perfect point. My free hand snaked its way down to her pussy and I soon discovered how wet she was. Soon she was breathing hard as my fingers played with her clit whilst my tongue was dancing across her nipples. I couldn't stand it much more and I decided to screw comfort and I shifted myself down so my tongue could reach her pussy. As soon as my tongue tasted her I was hooked, I've always been a fan of eating a girl but this was amazing. The combination of the dark limiting my vision and the eroticness of knowing her husband was watching me drove me mad. I could think of nothing more than to eat this pussy until I couldn't breathe any more.

I don’t know how long I was down there but I eventually gave up when the cramp in my leg started and soon I had to sit back. As soon as I was comfortable my pants were down my legs and her mouth was over my cock. I was in heaven feeling her lips slide over my dick. I could feel myself getting close a couple of times but I wasn't quite ready to blow yet. Then she blew me away, her hand reached under my ball sack and started to rub the base of my cock. The feeling was amazing and I could feel myself wanting to cum but not quite being there. It was amazing and I loved every moment. Soon I heard her say she wanted me to cum over her tits, I was so excited I took over stroking my cock whilst she continued to rub me. Soon I was reaching my peak and I climbed over her and blasted my cum all every those lovely tits. It was one of my best explosions left.

As I sat back and relaxed I started to stroke her again to see what would happen. She didn't object so I kept stroking. Soon my mouth was back on breast, still slick with cum. I loved the slippery feeling and I could feel myself getting horny again. I decided I had to have her one last time and I was back between her legs pushing her over the edge and I loved every moment. As soon as she came she pushed me off and it looked like our night was over.

I didn't even register the drive back to the petrol station since I was on such a high. As I climbed out the car we exchanged promises to contact each other and do it again. I can’t wait to take another drive with them.