Written by Daryl

18 May 2015

After several months inactivity on Swinging Heaven for a variety of reasons, I finally found my way back. Being bi-curious and knowing there are not that many single women or couples looking for single men, I opted for the M2M route...and knowing that the Nelspruit Soccer Ball was a hot spot in my home town, posted a brief invitation to meet me there later that evening. Then Eishkom struck, and my pre-designated plans went awry...instead of being there around 7pm, it was after 8. I need not have worried, for soon a car drove into the roundabout, slowed and stopped. I gave a brief flash of my interior lights to signal a welcome, and before long "Marc" pulled up alongside me. I offered him a swig from the bottle of rose wine I had with me, and after a few words I was out of the car and we were at it. I went down on my knees and sucked Marc's delicious cock until he came...a brief little jizz it was, but delicious! Then he made his excuses and hastily left. I returned to the car, and waited some more. About half an hour later another car made its way warily into the car park, stopped and dimmed its lights. I gave a brief flash of the interior lights and soon Gerald was at my side, an older guy this time but handsomely endowed. He wasted no time in reaching for my cock, massaged it to a throbbing erection, then went down on it alongside my door. I held back as long as I could, but soon exploded into Gerald's willing orifice and flopped back on my seat. I reached for his cock, slid out of the car and knelt in front of him, sucking like a demon on his flaccid penis. Flaccid not for long...soon it filled my mouth, and soon Gerald was thrusting...I sucked every last bit of his jism with relish, and then he left! With time now marching on, and having seen an ad for an assignation on the road to The Rest, I took a drive...with no luck! So, returning to my post at the Soccer Ball I settled down to wait...stripping off my shorts and finishing my bottle of wine. It was not long, about 9.40pm, when I saw the headlights of a car approaching. They obviously noticed me, as they dimmed their lights, slowed and stopped nearby.

I could see there were two people in the car and my anticipation rose. Slowly they eased forward, lights off, until they were parallel with me! I could see a man and a woman, and within seconds of stopping they were kissing and groping at each other with abandon. I watched transfixed as he slipped her top from her shoulders, sucking at voluptuous boobs. They were an Asian couple, probably in their early 50s, but hot to trot. After sucking at her boobs for a while, he opened his car doors and slipped out, looking straight at me and giving an inviting nod. He moved around to the passenger door, opened it and she slipped her legs out. Once again he gave me an inviting nod...and I needed no more invitation! As I stepped out of the car my shorts dropped to the ground. My cock was throbbing, erect and happy! I moved around the car and the guy stepped back, motioning me forward. She was lying half out of the car, her legs spread and displaying a totally shaved and voluptuous fanny...which she was frigging frantically with three fingers. Her eyes opened momentarily, and I saw a hesitant then welcoming smile. Needing no further invitation I went down on my knees, and went down on her dripping cunt, lapping at her juices like there was no tomorrow. My hands wandered up to her breasts, full, firm nipples, but rather soft as you'd expect from a 50-something...but lovely to the touch. As I squeezed her nipples I felt his hands on my back, then on my bare buttocks, and then slip round to the front to my unattended cock. It was welcome attention, and soon it was as Harris a ramrod, and just as eager to get into action. After wanking me to full strength, the husband urged me upwards and into his wife's cunt. She was writhing and moaning in ecstasy by this stage, and we both blew our loads very quickly. I flopped back and settled on the grass alongside the open door...and then, to my great delight, the husband lowered himself to his knees, took my shrinking cock into his mouth and brought me back to life. His expertise with his tongue was awesome, and before I knew it I was ready to come again. I muttered "I'm coming" and he sucked harder while his wife grabbed my nipples and squeezed hard, once again I shot my load and watched as he took it all, then fell on his wife, kissing deeply as they exchanged mouthfuls of cum in their ecstasy.

At this point I knew the time was over and discretely moved back to my car, picking up my shorts as I went. Both of them exchanged smiles with me as he returned to the driver's seat of his car, started and drove off. Only then did I realize we'd not exchanged a single word the whole episode. But I will be back at the Soccer Ball again...hoping my luck comes in once again! See you there?