Written by Mason2013

17 Apr 2015

Like the subject says.

I know I have messaged you alot say what would happen and asking your opinions, so lets put all that aside and let me say just this If only:

From holding you against the door and the goind down on you making you moan as you feel my tongue passing between your moist pussy lips hitting that erecting clit as my hands tighten their grip on that sexy ass and your feel the index finger of my left hand pressing against your ass hole and i get it in upto my nail as i keep tonguing and sucking at your pussy.

Your moan louder as you spread your legs more apart and gasp, "Yess yess, please don't stop" just as you buck your knees and i get to taste your flowing juices just as you have your first orgasm. As i stand up i drop my boxers and stand there naked infront of you while I help you out of your dress and have u naked and then pin you against the door. I grab your thighs as you wrap your legs around my waist while feeling my thick hard raw cock enter your cum drenched pussy as i begin to fuck you hard against that door.

You screaming and begging me not to stop as you throw your arms around me and i suck on your tongue and we engage in a passionate kiss while i keep pounding that pussy against the door. We keep at it for over 20 minutes as you orgasm once more squeezing your pussy muscles tight on my dick as i get harder and then you feel me explode deep inside you as u scream ad feel my cum mix inside you with yours. We continue to kiss as i gently let you down and you slide all the way down to the floor and take my semi hard cock in your mouth as you suck back to its rock hard state and then holding me by my erect cock you lead me to your bedroom.

But in the end, its all If Only, Right.