Written by Robbie

18 Nov 2012

I was sitting on a bench in Blauberg on the prominade waiting to see who may come along that looked interesting. I had read that there was a bit of male action from the more mature type of men in this area.

Whilst watching a gent walking towards me about 100 metres away I was suddenly joined by a youg guy of about 20 who sat down on the bench and introduced himself as Gert, and I responded with a "Hi, how you doing"

He asked if I came here often and what I was interested in (very direct approach) I said anything that cums up is good for me and he asked if I would like to join him for a "quickie" in the toilets.

Not really I said, more into a private set up and did he want to come to my apartment. We stood to go and turning to where my car was parked, I was approached by a women in her mid 50's who asked if I could give her a lift. Where to I asked and she said "anywhere safe for some fun"

I was taken aback and asked the yougnster if he wanted to come along. Sure he said, anything for some fun.

Back at my place I was pouring some cold white wine for my 2 guests and before I could hand them over, Gert was having his cock sucked by 'Madam Pearl' She was on her knees and he was leaning back against the settee, his hard 18cm boner buried as deep as she could take it down her throat.

I immediately got a roaring hard on, put the wine down and slipped out of my jeans. Pushing my cock between her face and Gert's cock, she got the message and started sucking and licking on both of usalternatively.

I lifted her gently off her knees and leant her over the back of the settee, her cunt was surprisingly wet and slimy so I started to slip my helmut between the lips of her voluptuos cunt. In three or four thrusts I was buried to the hilt and gave her a short hard pussy pounding, doggy style, for a minute or two.

I slipped out and pulled Gert up to her and told him to keep pumping while I had a sip of wine. Madam Pearl was in her element, moaning and heaving, and telling Gert to "fuck me; fuck me" and "harder, harder".

I moved up to Gert and pushed my rod between his legs from behind and stood still while he pumped the Madam.

He said he was going to cum and tried to pull out but half his jism shot all over her ass and back.

The lips of her pussy were swolen and inviting so I moved in again and started shafting her with long hard strokes. As she moaned and wriggled, my cock slipped out of her pussy. I gave a quick thrust but intead of puss, I entered her ring. She gulped and said push some more, this is a real fuck session and I want all you two can give me.

Luckily my cock is not as big as Gert's and I got the full length home up to the hilt, with the help of the slimey spunk from Gerts efforts.

We disengaged after a while and I was now ready to empty my sacks so I got the Madam around onto the settee on her back and fucked her conventionally filling her up with all the jism my balls could empty.

We all took a slow warm shower after this hot sweaty session and whilst chatting afterwards and having that long awaited glass of wine, we agreed to meet again next Sunday for anoth little threesum, cumsum.