Written by Pussycat

28 Mar 2017

So my husband had this fantasy about me fucking an older man so we met up with a friend of his ( he didn't know what was going to happen but my husband said he heard his friend tell someone else that he would love to fuck me one day) so I offered them something to drink and then I started off by taking off my shirt , started playing with my boobs and then I loosened my bra and my tits dropped out he was very supprised and asked my husband what are we doing her , my husband told him I over heard u when u said u want to fuck my wife so now is your opportunity to do it right her in front of me , so I played with my boobs they just watched I could see they getting horny , his friend started to lick his lips and moved his cock into a more comfortable position I then took my one hand and I slipped it down my pants and started to finger myself he got up and loosened his belt and took his cock out wow it was huge just like hubbys , so then I dropped my pants he wanted to come closer and I told him to go sit and watch me he will have his turn I started to finger my wet cunt again I winked at my husband and he told his friend to go ahead and do what he wants to do he came closer I went on my knees I grab his cock and I started sucking it he was moaning next he pulled me up by my hair and he said to me it's my turn now he went down and started fingering me 2 fingers then 3, 4 and then his whole fist went inside it was so amazing my husband came to me and put his cock in my mouth I sucked it he could see I'm very horny and I could see he is too he told his friend fuck my wife now I want to see it now I pushed him over and his huge cock was right there straight up I got on top of him slip his cock inside me and had an incredible time fucking my husband friend and sucking my husbands cock I told his friend make me cum I want to cum he made me explode and as I exploded his hot cum filled my pussy my husband said come bitch it's my turn now u want to be daddy slut now come get this my husband cock was huge and I mean huge I haven't seen it like that and I he laid me down and he fucked me hard he turned me around fuck me from the back pulled my hair smacked my ass his friend played with my boobs and sucked them I told my husband then to make me cum and that he needs to offload inside me he exploded inside me his friend came around with round two he put his cock in my ass and fucked it my husband said fuck this and he put his cock into my pussy I had a double penetration and it was awesome while we where busy fucking my friend walked in whom I forgot had a key to my place see saw us three fucking and she dropped her clothes pulled my husband away and started to fuck him we were very surprised about this she then told our friend to come fuck her ass and she told me to come sit on her face she gave me the most amazing muff dive I've had I stood up my husband grab me fucked me and I told them to wait I'm coming back now I've let them fuck her while I watched got supper horny again I went to fetch my strap on told the guys to move I gave her a muff dive and then I ducked her with a strap on so they can watch two chick I took off the strap on and I rubbed my pussy against her pussy and we kissed each other and teased each other I asked my husband for the bullet vibrator I've pushed it into her pussy and I had the control while my pussy is in top of her I can feel her moving and getting wet and excited when I press it I called our friend told him to fuck her again and my hubby me we had the most amazing sex fun ever and we continue to see each other to have some fun on a regular basis as my friend and my husband friend is now a couple