16 Jun 2019

This is an my account of meeting up with a certain lady (I will not name her as she has passed away and I can't get her permission)

Years ago under my previous account (ruff) I met a woman on here who I shall refer to as the "lady". She was 62 at the time an absolutely beautiful BBW, we spent many days in private chats where I would worship her from afar since I stay in Gauteng and she stayed in the western cape. But finally the opportunity arose to meet.

I was going to Capetown for work and fortunately my boss said if I wanted I could take the Friday, weekend and Monday as leave. I was excited to say the least we started planning we both got tested since we wanted to enjoy our selves propperly and she was past menopause so pregnancy was not an issue.

Finally my work in Cape town was done on the Thursday evening had arrived and I had rented the car until Monday so off I went allredy having packed my bags ad put them in the car I then started my trip to her place half an hour away.

I get to the security gate and tell the guard who I am, she has already told him to expect me so in I go and am pointed to her unit. I send her a message to tell her I'm about to come in, as expected the door is open I go in an lock it behind me, j know where she is we have discussed how our first meeting will be she is on her bed her beautiful curves there for me her legs are spread ad dangle off the side of the bed and there inbetween lies her sex with a small patch of brown hair.... She can't see me and I can't see her I approach and our eyes meet I look her meaty body over her enormous breasts as they hang by her sides.

I go on my knees this will be our first contact I kiss her her vagina and pull her labia into my mouth to be rewarded with a mouthful of her juices I push my face into her my tongue into her warm so delicious body I feel her squirm around and I lick her more then I feel her begin to rock her body into my face after a while I slide my fingers into her body and focus on her clitoris a few minutes later I am rewarded as her mones become louder I know it's time I pull my fingers away from her g spot as she contracts my mouth firmly over her urethral opening she gushes into my mouth as she screams "fuck me!!"........

If you want me to finish the story please drop me a message.