15 Jan 2018

Beware...beware, you never know what you could be missing, so it is worth living on the edge.

After living on my own for a while, and having some great times with friends, a friend of mine dared me to join " Heaven " and see where it leads. Both joking we never said another word, but me been the curious person that I am, kept the idea in the back of my head for a few days, before taking up the dare. I phoned up my friend and said, " The Dare is on, " he answered "Billy you must be crazy. " I then said you know that I like living on the edge, so lets see where it leads. So I set up a profile with pics and a character sketch of who I am. It was now the waiting game to see, not with much happening, I decided it was time to join the chatroom. Reading through all the comments of the different members and friends, I thought this could be great fun, and I started joining in, every time I join the room, not getting much response, as I could see which people were friends, and were not wanting new people in their circle of friends. I decided it was time to " Cam" with some fun and see where it would lead. It was in the early hours of the morning, a Saturday morning to be precise, the response was much better than I had expected, messages from couples, single ladies and from single guys as well. Not been a rude person, I would answer back and play along, but still screening who I would like to form a friendships with and who I would like to meet up for some fun.

As the days and nights went by, I could see which people enjoyed watching my cam show, men would request for me to do a private show for their wives, but I would say, it was all on the screen for them to see. It wasn't long and I had a lady friend who had asked if she could meet up with me, but it would have to be in a public place, thinking, that would be enjoyable to meet up with someone from " Heaven " and see if they were " An Angle or A Devil from this heaven." Having chatted with her for a few weeks and had read through her profile a few times, a date and time was set for the two of us to meet, her name will not be mentioned as she is still a member of Heaven, with her living in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, and me working in the same area as her, it was very convenient for both of us. The time and day was set for the meeting, it was a Tuesday at twelve at an Italian Coffee shop in Cavendish Square, not knowing what she looked like, I decided to arrive at the coffee shop at eleven thirty and took a seat outside so she could recognize me, as she had seen me on cam many times before.

Sitting waiting and wondering had I let myself into, over walked a lady, with grey blonde hair, looking straight at me she said, " so you must be the naughty horny man waiting for me." Laughing and looking at her naughty face, I said that's me. Taking a seat opposite me, she introduced herself as Jenny, and I introduced myself as Billy. After ordering a cup of coffee, and sipping on our coffee and chatting for a while, I asked Jenny if she would like to join me for a quick bite to eat, as it was already lunch time. Jenny gladly accepted my invitation. The chatting became more and more interesting, I said to Jenny, I see your profile says that you are living with someone, so does he mind you been in Heaven, looking sheepishly at me she said he does not know about me been in Heaven. Smiling at her I said so you one of the Bad Angels in Heaven, laughing Jenny said, how lucky for you. Jenny then said her partner was younger than her and he was always out of town on business, so she needed someone to have some fun. I then asked Jenny, what made her take a chance to meet up with me, she said you don't look like a shy type of person and a person who seemed like a lot of fun. We then spoke about different fantasies she has, and how she would like to live them. Jenny then started to play with my hands which were on the table, and her foot rubbing against my leg under the table, gave me the impression that Jenny was looking for more than just a meet and greet. Playing along, I started to rub my knees against her knees, causing Jenny to squeeze my hands tightly in hers. Both of us finished eating, Jenny looked at her watch, and said gosh it is nearly two, I said don't worry, I have all day. Jenny looked at me and said, would I like to accompany her to a movie, which she would like to see. After taking care of the bill, Jenny and I took the elevator to the cinema. While in the elevator, Jenny gave me a peck on my cheek, and thank me for the day so far. Jenny chose the movie, with our tickets in my hand we entered the cinema, which was very empty. Surely we must of been two of about only twenty or so patrons. Seated in the dimly lit cinema, Jenny slowly started to tickle my neck with her finger tips, and whisper in my ear, just as she had planned, in a movie just you and me. The lights in the cinema fading even more and almost in total darkness, Jenny whispered again, surly you won't mind me playing with your manhood, just like you, like to on her cam screen. Jenny rubbing her hand on the upper part of my leg, and me rubbing her leg leading up to her pussy, Jenny squeezed my leg tighter and said, that is too much for me. Unzipping my trousers and yanking out my rock hard cock, Jenny said this is mine fore the afternoon. Playing with my cock with her hands, and me rubbing on her horny pussy through her skimpy panty. Both of us playing, Jenny finds it impossible to sit still, stretching her legs in front of her and pushing her back deep into the back rest of her seat, and putting her one hand over her mouth to prevent a sound to be heard. Taking my fingers out of her pussy, and sucking the one clean, and pushing the other into her mouth for her to suck on, drove Jenny onto another level . Bending over towards my cock, Jenny whispers this cock is mine for the afternoon.Sucking slowly on my cock, pushing my skin back with the fingers of her one hand, and getting my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, Jenny started to suck on my cock, tighter and tighter, slowly releasing her vice like grip on my cock. Running her mouth up and down the shaft of my cock, biting on my cock every now and then, driving me wild and me rubbing harder and harder on her pussy, causing Jenny to squirt all over the floor. The feeling of her squirt all over my hand and fingers, caused me to loose total control, and filled her mouth with my sticky warm cum. Sucking tighter on my cock to get every last drop, Jenny released my hot rock hard cock. Licking on her lips with her tongue, Jenny whispered, your cock and cum tasted just like I had imagined it would . Finished tiding up ourselves, Jenny grabbed me around my neck, and gave me a great French Kiss, still tasting the taste of my cum in the back of her mouth and lips. Jenny released her tongue from my mouth, and said this is going to be the first of many more meetings.