Written by LickSuck69

21 Nov 2016

After making friends with this Asian couple on this site and communicating with each other over the past few months, I was off to Durban on business for a few days, hoping to get a publisher for a book of mine. Them been very ardent reading fans of mine, we all decided to meet up one evening, have a meal, chatting and see if there was any chemistry between the us three. No name will be mentioned to protect there identity. With all three of us very friendly people, speaking was very easy, we spoke about a very wide range of topics, and the evening flew by with ease and soon we were still chatting into the early hours of the morning. The wife kept on smiling and winking at me right through the evening, slowly but surely she started to open up all about her fantasies which she said she would like to live out to become a really. Her husband not looking very embarrassed at all, chipped in and said, he enjoyed watching his wife been with other men, and hope he could see me fucking and fucking his wife over and over again. She looked at me with a smirk on her face and said it was her greatest fantasy to make love in the sea, smiling back at her and saying it was a fantasy of mine, both of us looking at her husband, he agreed. We all made arrangements to meet up at the beach front the next day just as the sun was setting, and off on our different ways we went Been a cautious person, thoughts were going through my head, is this a risky move I am taking. In the end I agree lets go through with the idea, at least I will make one lady very happy.

Arriving at the North Beach, in the dusk light while the sun is setting, seen no one around, I walk along the beach looking to see if they were coming along. In the distance close to the rocks, standing in the waves, with the water just above knees is the figure of a lady, with her dress drenched and sticking to her body and her wet hair covering her one eye. Thinking is she sinking or is she going to drown if she does not get any help from me. Kicking of my slops and pulling of my shorts, throwing them down on the beach, rushing in to the water, with my shalong bouncing between my legs, the closer I get, the more I realize this is the Asian lady from yesterday evening. Getting closer and closer, I notice her one breast has popped out of the V neck of her dress and her hem was just above her pussy line. Reaching her I notice she is playing with her breast and nipple with her one hand and the fingers of her other hand a rubbing the lips of her pussy, pushing her fingers between her pussy lips every now and then. Grabbing me round my neck pulling my body close to hers, until our bodies are lock against each other unable to move, she starts rubbing her thighs against my cock causing my cock to go erect immediately. Sucking on her nipple, I feel her legs straightening and her toes digging into the sand, she pushes on my shoulders, knowing exactly what it means I drop to my knees and start working on her very horny pussy with my tongue. Licking on her lips, by running my tongue up and down and every now and then in between her lips, causing her to push my head tightly against her very warm pussy. Suddenly she pulls me by my ears and screams, fucking, fucking is what I need. Jumping up I force my rock hard cock straight into her pussy, slowly I start fucking, fucking, fucking, steadily gathering speed, until I feel her pussy tighten up around my cock while she is orgasming and the flow of warm love juices around the shaft of my cock, my cock explodes and my cum starts running down her legs into the sea. After washing her pussy with her hand, and rinsing off my cock, we slowly start walking to sand, reaching the edges of the waves she picks up her drenched panty with her toes and says that's what the waves brought in for me. Her husband appeared and said many thanks, I had been watching from the rocks, with out you even knowing.