Written by vinic

08 Oct 2012

The next morning I awoke stiff and sore from sleeping while sitting the whole time.

She walks into the room dressed in shorts and a shirt with a devious look on her face but I ignore it

She loosens my hands and said I can go and take a shower if I want – my first thought was to grab her and show her that she could not get away with what she did but I restrain my self

I climb into the shower and enjoy the hot water running down my body while standing there I hear the door open but I ignore it and continue washing myself.

As I step out there she is with a cam corder in hand filming me getting out of the shower – I ask her and now and all she say is that it is for insurance.

I dry myself off and let go of formalities and just rap the towel around my body and walk out to the kitchen wear she is waiting for me.

As I walk in she says that the person coming today is a stuck up bitch and that she wants me to force myself on her and I could do whatever I want to her it won’t bother her.

I drink my coffee and we hear a car approach she tells me to go and wait in the barn.

As I stand there my heart is racing in my throught

The two woman enter the barn I recognise the one lady but the other lady looks like her twin with the only difference being she has red hair.

She is dressed in a short summer dress showing her legs.

My dick jumps to attention when I know that I will have another beauty naked under me soon.

They walk past me and I make my move with rope and rag in hands

First I jump on the new comer starling her and she falls to the ground making my job easier.

She struggles and screams but I quickly shove the rag in her mouth and blindfold her.

Now the woman of yesterday is standing there looking at the one on the ground with a sly smile on her face and she doesn’t notice me moving behind her – She realises that I am behind her but it is too late for her and she ends up with a rag in her mouth and a blind fold over her eyes and her hands tied behind her back.

Now I stand here looking down at the 2 beauties lying down in front of me I smile and decide that this is my lucky day and bend down and pick one up and carry her to the bedroom where I spend the night.

Walking back to fetch her friend I smile and think that I will spend the week here.

I walk in the room to find the 2 ladies sobbing hurdled together not knowing what is going to happen next

I decide to test the water and walk up to the lady of yesterday and remove her shorts – as I suspected I get little resistance from her and she does not have any panties on – I bend down and give her clit a quick suck and I can feel her body tense with desire for more.

So I continue removing all her clothes and the ones that could come of I used a pair of kitchen siccors to remove – as she is lying there naked I can see the glisting of cum between her legs and I bent down and whisper in her ear – you like this wait for what is coming.

Now my attention moves to her friend.

I kneel beside her and whisper in her ear – have you ever been fucked by a man in the ass. She imeadiatly starts to fight against her bonds but luckily the knots is holding and she can do nothing I can hear her trying to say something but I ignore it.

I take the siccors and cut her dress from her body giving her strict instructions not to move as that will cause me to hurt her with the siccors – I take4 my time looking at the 2 naked woman lying infront of me – I actually admired them they were gorgeous and would any mans cock jump to attention.

I remove the lady from yesterday’s rag from her mouth and help her up so that she can sit up right I ask her what her name is and her friends name – she is reluctant to respons so I twist one of her nipples hard and she yells but tells me she is Vicky and this is her friend Rebecca.

I say nice to meet you now sit still.

I move over to Rebecca and move her up the bed – she still struggles I bent down and bite down on her nipple telling her that she should rather start enjoying this than fight it cause it is going to happen.

She gives in and I open her legs looking down at a cleanly shaven cunt whith lips that you just want to lick and a clit standing to attention.

I tel her if she closes her legs I wil have to hurt her she obliges.

I take Vicky be the head and put her head between Rebeccas legs telling her that she needs to suck on Rebeccas clit she refuses but luckily I know now how to get her to do what I want so I pinch her nipple again and she imeaditly starts licking and sucking on Rebeccas pussy.

Now this is abouth as much as I can handle so I mave behind Vicky and I can see that by all the juices coming from her pussy that she loves what she is doing so I move behind her and shove my dick in whithout warning and I could feel her orgasm hit a new height.

But hey I have fucked already and on the bed is another lady waiting to be fucked.

I let Vicky role away to the one side and I kneel between Rebeccas legs – I remove the rag from her mouth with warning that it will be futile to scream.

She just lies there but I know that is about to change.

I gently put my dick head into her now very wet slit just waiting for her not to control herself and beg me to fuck her.

I gently rub my dick up and down her wet slit and I can see it isn’t long before she will beg me to fuck her – I was right the second time my dick went over her clit she screamed – FUCK ME.

Wel what was I to do but to oblige the lady in need

I drove my dick all the way in to her and I could feel that she was tight and I could hear her gasp for air as my dick bottomed out in her.

I slowly started fucking her playing with her tits, bitting her nipples but there was something missing – o yes “Vicky go and sit on your friends face so that she can return the favour of now now by giving your cunt some attention. And Rebecca you better suck that cunt or else”

Vicky slowly moved so that she was straddling her friends face – I watched as Rebeccas tongue came out and slowly started licking up and down Vickys cunt

I decide to remove their blindfolds – as I was looking at Vicky I could see that she was enjoying every moment of this torture on her friend and I motioned to her hands and she nodded please – I pulled her closer asking her if we will have a problem and she said no.

I losend her hands and she went crazy she started bucking up and down on her friends face having Rebecca to lick as quickly as possible – Vicky started playing with Rebeccas tit and that made Rebecca even wetter and made her lick and suck Vickys cunt even harder.

I saw my chance and whispered in Rebeccas ear that if she will behave I will losen her hands aswell and she agreed.

I decide to move away so that these 2 ladies can show me first what they can do

And man what can I say it was like a nuclear explosion then the one was ontop of the other sucking and lick each other’s cunts and pinching each other’s nipples.

After about 10 minutes of this I could see that Vicky was getting to that spot where she was close to exhaustion from all the orgasms she had experienced – and I have not fucked Rebecca good and proper yet.

So I got in the mix and positioned Rebecca on her hands and knees while she was sucking on Vickys cunt.

I drove my dick into her wet pussy with ease fucking her with a couple of quick short and powerfull thrust getting my dick all wet with her fuck juices.

I positioned my dickhead against her asshole and she realized what is going to happen next but before she could do anything Vicky turned around and was busy sucking on her clit sending the poor Rebecca into another orgasm.

And that was my chance I slowly moved my dick into her virgin ass inch by inch until it was all in then I just kept her still for a moment.

After she has adjusted to my dick in her ass I started to move and like a bicth in heat she started bucking back against me as she enjoyed it screaming for me to fuck her harder.

As I was about to cum I pulled out and made the 2 woman lie down so that I can drop my load on their faces so that they can clean each other with their mouthes.

As my cum hit their faces you could see that they were hooked on my cock and that they would do whatever I want with them.

We have been fucking ever since that day Rebecca has even moved to the farm so that we can do it all day long if we want.

And just the other day they told me that they saw a new girl in town that we can play with.