Written by vinic

05 Oct 2012

I wake to find the strange man lying beside me fast asleep.

Hundreds of thing rush through my mind – I was just raped and I loved it, I don’t know this man and I liked it.

Then revenge came to mind – but what can I do?

I silently move away from him and into the shed to fetch some rope to tie the bastard up.

As he lies there all tied up I go into the house to gather my thoughts but all I can reflect on was his cock buried deep into my pussy and ass – if I close my eyes I can still feel him inside of me.

I feel the familiar tingle in my cunt just thinking of him having his way with me and I could do nothing to stop him.

I remove the thoughts from my head and put on a night gown and go back outside.

When I reach him I can see that he is fully awake now and struggling to get his hands free but hey “I can tie a knot”

I tell him to get up and I assist him to get to his feet then I move him towards the house so that I can have a chat with him.

He tries everything to get away even saying his sorry and he doesn’t know what came over him and all those kind of things.

But I have already made my mind up what to do with this stranger – if he just knew what was coming he would have not been so talkative.

I lead him into the spear bedroom making him sit on the ground while I tie his hands to the bedpost.

As I walk out of the room you can see that he is scared – I smile and close the door.


I wake up to find that I am all alone on the deck chair I think this is my chance to get away but I can’t move my hands and I can’t get up.

I lay there thinking that this lady has phoned the police and now the worst is to come.

I look up and I can see her approach me from the house – How am I going to get out of this predicament – but wait she only has on a night gown and you can see every curve of her delicious body – what is going on?

She tells me to get up and move to the house – well what can I do I have to comply as she is holding all the cards at this stage.

As we walk I say I am sorry and plead with her to let me go and I don’t know what came over me – but if she would just loosen one of these knots I will have control again.

She leads me to a bedroom and makes me sit on the floor while she ties my hands to the bedpost – my mind is raising on what the future has planned for me.

I think that I must show remorse and put on a scared face to lull her in a state of calm so that I can get lose and run far away from here.

She walks away giving me a smile.


As I sit at the kitchen table I am caught up with all kinds of emotion but my hate for this stranger that raped me is starting to look like the break that I needed to get control of my life again and get back at that bitch of a Rebecca that thinks she can control me.

Now to get my plan in motion.

I pick up the phone and dial the number that is so familiar to me.

Vicky: “Hi Rebecca Vicky here”

Rebecca: “Yes what can I do for you – do you know what time it is”

Vicky: ” Yes I know sorry for disturbing you – but I have a problem in the barn and I need to get the handy man to come and fix it and you said I must clear anything that cost money with you first”

Rebecca: “What did you break now – how much is it going to cost – now it will have to wait till morning then I will come and have a look - night”

Now that that part of the plan is over I need to get this stranger to do his part or else I will have to deal with him.


I hear her picking up the phone and talking to somebody short and to the point – I couldn’t hear what she said but o well I have to wait and see.

The next moment she walks into the room and starts yelling at me

Saying that I like forcing myself on women without their consent and doing stuff to them that they say no to.

But now if I want to get out of this I would have to do something for her – At this stage I would say yes to anything just to get out of here.

My jaw fell open as I heard what she wanted me to do but hey I still said yes – that was my ticket out of here


I walk in the room and start giving order to this man sitting on the floor.

I tell him that if he wants to get out of here he will have to do as I command or else.

I tell him that there will be a woman arriving here tomorrow and that i will lead this woman into the barn where he will be waiting to grab her.

And then he must do to her what he did to me next to the pool while I capture the whole thing on video.

He agreed.

I left closing and locking the door.

I lay there in my bed having flash backs of this afternoon and involuntary my hand moves to my clit and starts rubbing it thinking of his cock stretching my pussy his hands holding me roughly

My other hand pinches my nipple and I bite my lip I take my finger and rub gently over my abused asshole and shivers run down my back as I can feel him explode inside my ass and with this I can feel my own orgasm gushing out of my pussy.

I fall asleep thinking of what is going to happen tomorrow and with a smile on my face a drift into a deep sleep.