Written by vinic

04 Oct 2012

You are alone on the porch – sitting there after a long day of work on the farm waiting for the cool night breeze to arrive and give you some relieve of the summer heat.

You sip down on a nice ice tea the cool drop runs down the glass and falls down your chest sending shivers up your spine making your nipples respond.

You look down and notice that you don’t look t bad for a woman working on a farm all her life.

You walk over to the pool and decide to have a quick splash – undressing right there you dive into the pool feeling every drop of the cool water washing over your naked body.

After a lap or 2 in the pool you decide to go and lie on one of the deck chairs under the big sycamore tree.


Walking up to the farm house I see this female figure dive into the pool – what a sight.

I run, walk, hide to a set of dense vegetation close to this big sycamore tree where I can view the pool and this naked goddess playing in the cool water for the whole world to see.

As I standing looking at her she gets out and starts walking my way, my heart stops and I froze waiting for the scream or something.

But she just casually walks over and lies down on the deck chair without noticing me.

As I stand there I am caught up with her heavy breasts and clean cunt and as on que she starts rubbing and playing with her clit I could just contain myself from not jumping over and introducing myself as a willing and able cock ready please.

I watch as she first sticks one then 2 fingers in her pussy while her other hand is pinching and playing with those huge tits I cant hold it any longer I drop my pants and start rubbing my cock.

I hear the faint cries as she nears an orgasm and I decide to be bold and take a chance.

I move in front of her and grab her hands and imeadeiatly start to kiss her before she can scream.

She wakes from her orgasm daze with me on top of her and starts to struggle and as she struggles my grip on her increases and my stiff cock slips easy into her wet cunt.

I lay there enjoying the moment with her still struggling but the more she struggles the deeper my cock goes in and I love every moment of it.

She stops the struggling and to my amazement I can feel her cunt contracting around my cock – I know now that I have her and I start a slow rocking movement.

As I fuck her I can feel her tongue go deeper in my throught and there is not much I can do but to release her hands so that I can play with those nice bit tits.

As I byte down on one of her nipples she lets out a scream as a orgasm goes over her body and she begs me to stop.

I ignore her and keep on fucking her until she gives in to another 2 orgasms in quick secession .

I feel daring and get of her and turn her on her hands and knees.

She asks what are you going to do to me – I don’t respond.

I push my still hard dick into her sopping wet pussy with out warning my balls hit her on the clit causing her to stumble forward.

I look at her with her ass in the air and decide this is my chance and move forward before she realizes wats going to happen I shove my dick into her asshole – she screams and begs me not to fuck her in the ass.

I hold her tight so that she cant pull away forcing more and more of my dick into her tight ass – I am in heaven, I thought I was in heaven when I was balls deep in her cunt but that is nothing compared to her tight ass.

I cant take it any longer I start fucking her with all the power in my body – she is crying now.

After about the 3rd push her crying stoped and she started pushing back and I could hear the faint sounds of her enjoing it

As I am about to cum she grabs my thight and screams as a the biggest orgasm explodes in her causing me to cum in her.

After my orgasm subsides we collapse on the deck chair falling into a deep but satisfying sleep.