Written by artsmart

11 May 2016

Steph had a long standing passion for going to secluded beaches to suntan. Seeing that there were so many restricted areas for topless bathing, she had to really go to remote places to do what she liked to do. Her main concern about this was being alone and vulnerable. Security wise it was not recommended that a middle-aged lady go about topless on a remote beach where no one else but some monkeys and the odd bokkie would wander out into the open if they felt safe to do so.

Wham Bham Bah Lubha Mapoopah Ding Dang Daaaaaah!!..Tutti Frutti..Tutti frutti!!!

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Stephs first move was to select a spot behind the dunes. Somewhere out of the wind if it got to blow harder. She didn’t want any sand getting onto her oiled pussy. Last time sand had gotten in there things had been rather uncomfortable for days and no amount of pissing could remove it. So shelter was imperative for the occasion.

She found what she wanted, she usually did. What she had not found yet, was a lover. Steph hadn’t a lover for more than one month now. She was dying for some play. There had been some ladies on line interested in her advances but none had come about. This is when Steph had decided to throw the towel in and take to the beach. Maybe she’d meet a hot siren there…or something other than the sun to fry her lips.

Steph laid out her towel onto the hot sand. Took her sun oil out and poured some onto her legs. She rubbed it in feeling how smooth her legs felt. She remembered how Sheila had felt her legs some months back. She was at a night club and this girl had come right over and given her a Frenchie without even asking. She right on forward in her approach. Her breath, tasting of cigarettes and whisky…yeuk!, the thought gave Steph the shivers. Later on Sheila had invited her for a drink at her friends table and Steph had gone with her. At the table she sat opposite Sheila. At one point Sheila disappeared under the table and began groping Steph’s legs. A woman’s touch was all Steph wanted and she’d allowed this smelly girl to rub her up. She’d gotten a good fingering that night and had had to run away because Sheila began bearing down on her a bit too much and too forcefully while wielding a large silicon cock strap-on that she was attempting to insert into Stephs gorged pussy.

Now Steph was on the beach all oiled up. She lay back and opened herself to the sun and he took full advantage of her. First stroking her thighs with its rays. Touching her waxed pussy delicately at first, then playing with her soft belly, his rays moved over her slim body. The nipples next and the curve of her breasts, up and over her collar bones across her shoulders and onto her neck. Onto her chin, she felt the heat over her cheeks and the tip of her nose, tickle your toes.

Steph got lightly fried, and she loved it. Time to turn over. The sun made meat of her then. She’d forgotten to put oil on. The mighty sun god bore right on in. Grabbing her bum cheeks and kissing, leaving two large red marks in his wake. He caressed the back of her legs all the way down to her feet. Up along her spine. He slapped her shoulders and left his red marks all over her. Steph did not know what was happening until she eventually decided to go back home again. She hadn’t realized how hard the sun had fucked her until she slipped into her bubble bath that night.

Ha!...you bet.